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As far as hack-and-slash games go, Diablo 2 is a true classic that has set the standard of its genre. More than that, most of the “modern” H&S/aRPG games were heavily influenced by it which makes it a cornerstone upon which the whole branch of RPGs was built. Yes, we say this with the fact that Diablo 1 exists in mind, and for a good reason. Diablo 1 is an extraordinarily good game, but it has its problems. The sequel fixes these problems and adds a ton of new (by then, now – classic) features that make the whole Hack and Slash genre what it is today. No wonder that the official announcement of Diablo 2: Resurrected, a remastered version of the game, was met with universal excitement and applause. Not far from now, we will end up in the Rogue Encampment again, make our preparations on Diablo 2 Market – don’t forget to buy some potions before leaving the base, and begin our journey anew. 
At its base, Diablo 2 is extremely simple – you assume the role of a lone hero, tasked with saving the world from the great evil that wants to consume it; a cliché by today’s standards. During your journey, you traverse hostile lands and ancient dungeons, following a linear storyline that consists of four acts. Each act consists of 6 quests (with the exception of act 4, which has only three) that progress the story. Some of the quests are optional and can be skipped completely. Some others, like every single boss-related quest, are mandatory as they unlock the next act in some way. At the starting location of each act, there’s a friendly base that serves as Diablo 2 Market on which you can resupply, heal up, and even try your luck by purchasing unidentified equipment. Moreover, most of the missions start on friendly bases – they are often assigned by and finished by talking to, NPCs who live there. This overall simplicity, combined with procedurally-generated levels, has made the game very popular in the speed-running community; a game that can take days to complete (and has taken most of us even more) can be beaten in mere hours – on all three difficulty levels. 


Diablo 2 Classes

Diablo 2 features seven classes (five from the base game and two from the Lord of Destruction expansion) with unique skillsets and aesthetics. Over the years, these classes have turned into archetypes and are now considered true classics as far as aRPG character variety is concerned. Before you jump back into the game and dive into our Diablo 2 Market, let us refresh your memory a bit by briefly going over each of the game’s playable classes. 
Amazon – A ranged class, specialized in bows and throwing weapons, able to enhance her martial abilities with her considerable prowess, and focused around agility. Amazon is very effective at dealing high amounts of damage to single targets which makes her very strong against bosses, elites, and other enemies with large health pools. The most effective Amazon Builds are: 

  • Bow Amazon (Bowazon) – A versatile branch of Amazon builds, focused on Bow and Crossbow Skills. The main skills of these builds are usually Multiple Shot, Guided Arrow, and Strafe. The rest is usually up to preference. 
  • Javelin Amazon (Javazon) – A brunch of builds very similar in its versatility to the Bow variant, but focused around Javelin and Spear Skills. 
  • Fendazon – A melee variant of Amazon, centered around the Fend skill. As a melee-focused build, it requires more vitality than other Amazon builds. If you are interested in playing an Amazon in melee, you should search Diablo 2 Market for weapons like Hone Sundan, Steel Pillar, or Viperfork. 

Assassin (Lord of Destruction) – A master of shadow disciplines and a martial arts expert able to place deadly traps. Assassin is capable of exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses in combat and can open locked chests without the need for keys, thanks to her lock picking ability – this opens inventory space and enables you to Buy and Sell more stuff at once. The assassin can be built in many ways, but the core abilities most often stay the same: 

  • Tiger Strike – A powerful skill that helps overcome strong enemies. 
  • Weapon Block – A staple of many dual-wield-focused Assassin builds; it gives a very high chance to block incoming attacks. 
  • Claw Mastery – If you use Claws, this is a must as it provides a lot of Attack Rating and allows you to spend your attribute points more flexibly (as you don’t need the Dexterity to boost your Attack Rating anymore). 
  • Burst of Speed – Bonus Attack and Movement speed can save you in many situations. 

Barbarian – A living equivalent of a blunt object, swung at your enemies with considerable force. Barbarian represents raw damage and his utility is rather limited which makes him simple but also surprisingly satisfying to play – just search Diablo 2 Market for the biggest weapon available and crack enemies’ bones with it. Jokes aside,  if you like Barbarian, you should try the following builds: 

  • Tornado Barb – One of the first Barbarian builds to be popularized. It focuses on the Whirlwind skill and can shred groups of enemies in no time. Despite having no real built-in synergies, it still is a crowd favorite Barb build – simple and very deadly. 
  • Dragoon – A PvE-oriented build that utilizes Leap and Leap Attack skills in combat. It has proven to be very effective and is quite unique in its play style as it allows you to, well, leap around the battlefield. 

Druid (Lord of Destruction) – A class that offers a good balance of martial and magic skills (see what we did there...?), which makes it solid in both melee and ranged combat. While in close quarters, Druid can shape-shift into various animal forms, and while at a distance, he can implement fire and cold magic, and summon wild beasts to aid him. Ss a hybrid class, Druid can be built in many different ways; our favorite Druid Builds are: 

  • Maul Bear – A simple melee build that utilizes the Warbear form and relies on Maul to deal massive amounts of damage. 
  • Beastmaster – A leader of the pack who fights alongside his summoned beasts. Summon-focused builds are not that reliant on gear, so you will not have to spend a lot on Diablo 2 Market with this one. 

Necromancer – A master of life and death, curse and poison, a dark figure who would sell his soul if he still had one... He can summon skeletons and golems to his aid, or unleash foul magic against his enemies. Unlike standard magic-wielders, Necromancer is more of a hybrid class. Some of the most famous Necro builds include: 

  • Bonemancer – A build centered around Bone Spells, like Bone Spirit, Bone Spear, Bone Wall, and Bone Prison. There is no “ultimate” way of distributing points for this build and there is a lot of room for experimentation (which also means that you can buy a variety of gear and it will work, most of the time); it all depends on what equipment you manage to Buy on Diablo 2 Market. 
  • Summonmancer/Zookeeper – A summon-based build that employs large numbers of minions to overwhelm the opposition. When utilizing this build, Necromancer hides in the back and acts as a support for his small army of puppets. 

Paladin – A warrior of light able to combine holy magic with his considerable martial skills. He shines especially against high-health monsters and bosses, but can also be built with AoE damage in mind. If you are looking for a PvM Paladin build, here are some suggestions: 

  • Avenger – A build focused on dealing massive elemental damage with the Vengeance skill, coupled with Conviction.  Unlike elemental-focused builds of other classes, Avenger can deal with monsters with immunities with relative ease. 
  • Hammerdin/Thor – A build focused on the Blessed Hammer skill. This is one of the most popular Diablo 2 Builds of all time, and for a good reason – it deals massive AoE damage and can wipe out groups of enemies almost instantly. 

Sorceress – As a pure caster class of Diablo 2, Sorceress wields the power of the elements and is mainly focused on the offense. She is able to deal extremely high AoE magic damage which makes her a perfect speed running class. The most popular Sorceress builds are: 

  • Fire Ball Sorceress – A build, as the name suggests, focused on Fire Ball spell and enhancing its damage potential with abilities like Fire Mastery. The damage potential of this build is incredible and its range even more so (you can strike enemies several screen-lengths away). 
  • Blizzard Sorceress – A build that focuses on Cold Spells, well-suited for PvE encounters because of its great crowd control potential and unparalleled mobility. A Sorceress specialized in cold magic is universally feared in the PvP environment. 

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