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Eve Echoes Market

Original EVE is with us since the year 2003 which makes it one of the oldest still-running sandbox games. It is an open-world space-based MMORPG published by CCP Games, known for its massive world (or space, rather) which can be freely roamed and explored by players. EVE's universe is shaped by people who play it, and there are almost no restrictions - players participate in creating the vast in-game economy, form corporations, alliances, engage in political schemes and wars (some of which are so massive, nothing in the MMO world can't even compare). EVE is one of the most brutal, immersive, and challenging online games available, but it never was easily-accessible in nature, which has resulted in a rather limited player base. Times have changed, however, as CCP Games entered into a cooperation with NETEASE (one of the biggest companies on the mobile games market) and created EVE Echoes - a sci-fi mobile MMORPG and a spiritual successor to CCPs original title. 

EVE Echoes offers you a fresh start, a level playing field (at least compared to normal EVE), a vast sandbox universe - comparable in size to the original, well-known-and-loved in-game systems from the PC version (including EVE Echoes Marketplace, System Security ratings, Missions, Asteroid Mining, and many more), and unprecedented ease of access as it can be played anywhere - provided you have a smartphone with internet access. 

EVE Echoes Economy

In EVE Echoes you can take part in various in-game activities, including completing missions, exploring the vast in-game world, fighting off space pirates, setting up mining operations, getting involved in various planetary operations, and, of course, engaging with other players (on both friendly and very hostile terms). In the economy-driven universe of EVE Echoes, most of these actions are completed to earn money in form of InterStellar Kredits (ISK) so that you can build a better Fleet, upgrade your Pilot and equipment, strengthen your position, and so on. Money propels the EVE universe which makes EVE Echoes Trading one of the most essential in-game activities; by learning how to exchange goods favorably you can become a serious economic figure. The in-game economy is player-controlled; Just like in the real world, prices of most of the items are dependant on supply and demand. Hence, market manipulation and bear raids (an economic strategy where a group of traders attempts to artificially force down the price of a certain good/stock) are quite common as they are viable moneymaking strategies. However, not everything lies on the players' shoulders; you can also engage with NPC merchants who can Buy and Sell EVE Echoes Assets (most Blueprints and Skill Books used by players are sold by NPCs). These NPCs are a vital safety measure of the game's economy - they offer fixed prices for a lot of goods, putting a minimal price on some of the tradeable assets, which ensures that prices don't ever fall below a reasonable level. As a player, you gather Ore, Minerals, Resources, Materials, etc. so that you can trade them with other players on the EVE Echoes Market, or use them to Manufacture and Craft Ships, Subsystems, Modules, and more. What you do with your Goods, is entirely up to you in EVE Echoes! There are a few more things worth mentioning... The game's Economy is decentralized and different trade hubs are not connected with each other. This means that prices of in-game assets vary from system to system. Moreover, systems reachest with natural resources all lay outside of the secure space which makes them extremely dangerous and yet very inviting. 

Currently, there are 29 EVE Echoes Trade Hubs, scattered around the in-game universe, and controlled by different empires: 

  • Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant (System/Planet - BMNV-P/XI, Moon 3; Region ID - Syndicate; Security Level - -0.2; Empire - ORE). 
  • Dominations Assembly Plant (System/Planet - G-G78S/XI, Moon 3; Region ID - Curse; Security Level - -0.2; Empire - Minmatar Republic). 
  • Thukker Mix Factory (System/Planet - E02-IK/VIII, Moon 1; Region ID - Great Wildlands; Security Level - -0.1; Empire - Minmatar Republic). 
  • Republic Fleet Assembly Plant (System/Planet - Istodard/IX, Moon 5; Region ID - Molden Heath; Security Level - 0.3; Empire - Minmatar Republic). 
  • Krusual Tribe Bureau (System/Planet - Nakugard/VII, Moon 2; Region ID - Metropolis; Security Level - 0.5; Empire - Minmatar Republic). 
  • Republic Fleet Testing Facilities (System/Planet - Pator/VII (Kulheim), Moon 1; Region ID - Heimatar; Security Level - 1.0; Empire - Minmatar Republic). 
  • Serpentis Inquest Biotech Research Center (System/Planet - Serpentis Prime/VI, Moon 1; Region ID - Fountain; Security Level - 0.1; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Chemal Tech Factory (System/Planet - 4C-B7X/V, Moon 7; Region ID - Outer Ring; Security Level - 0.0; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Federal Freight Storage (System/Planet - Ostingele/VI, Moon 4; Region ID - Placid; Security Level - 0.2; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Material Acquisition Refinery (System/Planet - Heluene/X; Region ID - Solitude; Security Level - 0.2; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Material Acquisition Mineral Reserve (System/Planet - Bereye/VII, Moon 1; Region ID - Everyshore; Security Level - 0.7; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Astral Mining Inc. Mineral Reserve (System/Planet - Alentene/VII, Moon 1; Region ID - Verge Vendor; Security Level - 0.9; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Chemal Tech Factory (System/Planet - Renyn/X, Moon 14; Region ID - Essence; Security Level - 0.9; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant (System/Planet - Auvergne/V, Moon 5; Region ID - Sinq Laison; Security Level - 0.9; Empire - Gallente Federation). 
  • Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant (System/Planet - Piekura/VII; Region ID - Lonetrek; Security Level - 0.5; Empire - Caldari State). 
  • Guristas Assembly Plant (System/Planet - H-PA29/IV, Moon 2; Region ID - Venal; Security Level - -0.2; Empire - Caldari State). 
  • Kaalakiota Corporation Factory (System/Planet - Kador Prime/IX, Moon 2; Region ID - Kador; Security Level - 0.6; Empire - Caldari State). 
  • State Protectorate Logistic Support (System/Planet - Onnamon/IV, Moon 5; Region ID - Black Rise; Security Level - 0.6; Empire - Caldari State). 
  • Echelon Entertainment Development Studio (System/Planet - Alikara/VI, Moon 14; Region ID - The Citadel; Security Level - 0.7; Empire - Caldari State). 
  • Kaalakiota Corporation Factory (System/Planet - Tash-Murkon Prime/II, Moon 1; Region ID - Tash-Murkon; Security Level - 0.8; Empire - Caldari State). 
  • Caldari Navy Assembly Plant (System/Planet - Jita/IV, Moon 4; Region ID - The Forge; Security Level - 0.9; Empire - Caldari State). 
  • True Creations Shipyard (System/Planet - 9RQ-L8/VII, Moon 11; Region ID - Stain; Security Level - -0.1; Empire - Amarr Empire). 
  • Blood Raiders Testing Facilities (System/Planet - UHKL-N/V, Moon 1; Region ID - Delve; Security Level - 0.0; Empire - Amarr Empire). 
  • 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support (System/Planet - Kamela/V, Moon 5; Region ID - The Bleak Lands; Security Level - 0.4; Empire - Amarr Empire). 
  • Imperial Shipment Storage (System/Planet - Asghed/VI, Moon 5; Region ID - Devoid; Security Level - 0.4; Empire - Amarr Empire). 
  • Amarr Trade Registry Information Center (System/Planet - Itrin/V, Moon 2; Region ID - Genesis; Security Level - 0.4; Empire - Amarr Empire). 
  • Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant (System/Planet - Nibainkier/VII; Region ID - Kor-Azor; Security Level - 0.7; Empire - Amarr Empire). 
  • DED Assembly Plant (System/Planet - Maspah/V, Moon 6; Region ID - Derelik; Security Level - 0.8; Empire - Amarr Empire). 
  • Expert Distribution Retail Center (System/Planet - Amarr/VIII (Oris), Moon 4; Region ID - Domain; Security Level - 1.0; Empire - Amarr Empire). 

EVE Echoes Trading

Trading is one of the trickiest but also the most rewarding ways of earning money in EVE Echoes. Unlike most other methods, it has a quite low entry-level as you don't need a skilled pilot to do it. While there are no prerequisites to start trading, you should skill Trading to increase the number of your maximum open offers available. EVE Echoes Trading is also much safer than other moneymaking methods because you can trade while safely docked in a station, without any risk of being attacked. Ways of trading in EVE Echoes include: 

  • Direct Trades - The least used, but also the most basic method. You simply open the Trade Window with another player that is docked in the same station as you. It's commonly used by casual players and friends doing small trades between one another. In EVE Echoes, you are required to be an Omega Clone to engage in direct trading. 
  • The Market - Most in-game transactions are conducted via the EVE Echoes Marketplace, where all players can find a list of all item exchange offers opened by others. The marketplace features intuitive search options, filters, and more. It is a very convenient way of trading, as you can fulfill orders completely or just partially. Alpha Clones are limited to trade hubs, while Omega Clones can trade from all stations. It is important to remember that each trading hub has a separate economy and it not directly connected to other hubs. 
  • Orders - You can place Buy and Sell orders via the Trade menu. This is a convenient way of Trading EVE Echoes Goods that does not require you to be online at all times. After you have posted an Order, all you need to do is wait for another pilot to fill it - just remember to set your prices accordingly (always do some research before buying or selling anything). 
  • External Sources - Trading is also possible on external websites, like Odealo, with the use of real money. RMT is not officially supported, so trading is often done by Jettison containers, which contain the purchased items and are left behind by the seller in a specified location. Though all other methods are commonly used as well. Even though Jettison-trading may seem risky, it appears to be the most secure way of trading when you decide to participate in real-money transactions with other EVE Echoes players. 

Odealo is a secure EVE Echoes Trading hub where you can freely exchange in-game assets for real money. It is fully community-driven, which means that all offers come from real and dedicated players, just like you. The offered goods always have the best prices, and fast and safe delivery is guaranteed. Pick Odealo as your number one EVE Echoes' RMT Trading hub and always be safe and satisfied thanks to our EVE Echoes Marketplace.  

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