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Final Fantasy XIV is a fantasy MMORPG that launched on the 27th of August 2013 (which was a re-launch after an almost complete rebuild of the game and a full replacement of the development team - the first launch that happened in 2010 was not received too well, let's just say), and is today regarded as one of the best and most successful MMOs to date. So, what makes FF XIV so good? There are quite a few things; The game has well-established lore, which most of the competing titles severely lack, and the storyline is intriguing and quite engaging which is another rarity as far as online titles go. The in-game world is open, beautiful, and massive, and can be explored freely which adds a certain thrill to the gameplay. The game's economy is well balanced, players have a degree of control over it, and the FF XIV Marketplace system in the form of a Market Board is well-executed. The game offers a plethora of gathering and crafting professions, and player-made materials and equipment stay relevant, even in the end-game. However, the thing that attracts and hooks the largest number of players is definitely Final Fantasy XIV's Class (Job) System. Currently, there are 18 Jobs (4 tanks, 3 healers, and 11 damage dealers) and 10 Base Classes. This might not sound impressive until you realize that a single character can unlock every single one of them. 

Final Fantasy XIV Jobs

Square Enix, the developers of the Final Fantasy XIV have implemented Classes and Jobs iconic to the well-established Final Fantasy series and gave players an option to play as anyone of them on every Character. This means that a single Character can play as every single one of the current 10 Base Classes and extend them to all 18 Jobs - as long as all the requirements are met, all associated Quests completed, and the appropriate Soul Crystal is activated. This freedom of choice makes new players feel like they are on a FF XIV Marketplace, where every single playstyle can be chosen and freely swapped into another one when it gets boring - without the need for leveling up a new character. The 18 currently available Jobs are as follows: 

  • Paladin (Starting Class - Gladiator) - A "classic" tanking class that utilizes heavy plate armor, swords, and shields. Paladin offers great group utility and has access to some of the strongest defensive cooldowns in the game (including an insanely strong 10s invulnerability skill). If you want to start your FF XIV adventure as a tank, this is a good choice; quite easy to learn, well-rounded, and it gets the job done. 
  • Warrior (Starting Class - Marauder) - The most aggressive of all four tanking classes of Final Fantasy XIV. Warrior plays like the polar opposite of the Paladin. He loses himself in combat and relies on his rage to carry him to victory. Warrior's toolkit is designed to support an all-out aggressive playstyle without forgoing much-needed defenses and self-sustain abilities, but it lacks in the group utility department which can be a bit discouraging. 
  • Dark Knight (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - This peculiar class utilizes dark powers to fight off the evil. Dark Knight looks menacing, uses heavy armor, excels at nullifying magic damage, and has an ability to completely block even the hardest incoming attacks. However, compared to other tanks, Dark Knight lacks health-sustain abilities and can starve for resources in some situations. In the latest expansion, Dark Knight has received a rework which has definitely helped the Job to get its footing right - if you are looking for engaging and challenging tanking class, it is a solid choice. 
  • Gunbreaker (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - This is definitely one of the more interesting Jobs, even from the whole MMORPG standpoint. Gunbreaker utilizes a very unique weapon in combat - the gunblade, a powerful but a bit odd amalgamation of melee and ranged weapon. This peculiar weapon and the way Gunbreaker uses it results in him being the most dynamic tanking class in the game, with the playstyle more akin to a DPS Job. Gunbreaker is a well-rounded Tank with acceptable defense and a very potent offense, but he lacks health-sustain abilities and is less overall durable than other tank jobs. 
  • Scholar (Starting Class - Arcanist) - A pet-based healing Job that is difficult to master but also very rewarding when played properly; Scholar's pets require a lot of micromanagement so the Job is definitely not for everyone. He is a very powerful Healer that focuses on preventing damage with powerful shields and excels in group incoming damage-heavy group content. If you like to babysit the more reckless part of your groups, this is a perfect job for you as nothing saves lives more reliably than a potent defensive shield. 
  • White Mage (Starting Class - Conjurer) - The most "basic" of the healer jobs and the only one available right from the start. White Mage excels in the HPS (healing power second) department but lacks group utility and can't reliably shield his allies. While high HPS is great, it is often an overkill which results in White Mages being somewhat less popular than other healing jobs. What may surprise you about White Mage is his high AoE Damage output that comes in handy during some encounters. Overall, White Mage is a good starting point if you want to play the game as a Healer. 
  • Astrologian (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - A Healing Job that utilizes a very interesting, but also RNG-dependant mechanic - a Card System. In essence, Astrologian can Draw a random card from his Deck and play it to cast various buffs. This mechanic makes his gameplay engaging, but also a bit random. He also has access to two stances Nocturnal - shield-focused, and Diurnal - health regeneration-focused. As of right now, Astrologian is in quite a good spot, thanks to much-needed buffs and improvements that came in the recent patches. 
  • Samurai (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - A pure DPS class that excels at raw damage output but severely lacks group utility. Samurai focuses exclusively on slashing his enemies to very small bits with his deadly Katana and has the potential to top DPS charts in any type of encounter. He feels smooth during combat and his resources are generated organically while he performs his combo, which makes the gameplay dynamic and enjoyable. If you like selfish Jobs that do one thing but do that thing better than anyone else, Samurai is the way to go. 
  • Ninja (Starting Class - Rogue) - This melee DPS Class is known mostly for its Trick Attack ability, which applies a 10-second debuff that increases Target's damage taken by 10%, which is one of the most powerful group-utility abilities in the entire game. Other than that, Ninja is your standard melee DPS that is quite satisfying to play but also complicated enough to confuse new players. If you learn his mechanics, however, he will definitely become a fun class to play. 
  • Monk (Starting Class - Pugilist) - Weapons are for people who can't effectively fight without them... and Monk punches with his fists as hard as a Dragoon strikes with his lance, so he does not need one. He is a straightforward, easy-to-learn, but also hard-to-master melee DPS that supports very engaging gameplay and has multiple position-based abilities that force you to move around constantly. On top of the fun DPS rotation, Monk also offers solid group utility. 
  • Dragoon (Starting Class - Lancer) - A melee DPS class that revolves around flashy, dynamic, and somewhat convoluted combos that make you gain a lot of air time. Dragoon's trademark - jumps - are also one of his main drawbacks in some situations, as they lock him in place making him vulnerable to enemy's attacks. If you are looking for a dynamic melee class with a rotation that feels very impactful, look no further than Dragoon. 
  • Dancer (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - An interesting variation of your standard "ranger-like" physical ranged DPS class. Dancer uses Chakrams - elegant throwable weapons, and an RNG-based combo mechanic that is very pleasant to use once you learn it. He also has a "Dance Partner" mechanic with which he can buff one selected teammate and make him more effective in combat. Although the Dancer's DPS is not the highest, His utility contribution more than compensates for it. 
  • Machinist (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - Machinist is a Ranged Physical DPS Job that uses Guns and various technological inventions, like Turrets and Automatons - a combat engineer mixed with just a dash of a mad scientist. He is very dynamic and his rotations are action-packed, especially for a job that is supposed to keep their distance and spam ranged abilities at the target. Machinist's somewhat convoluted combos and dynamic nature make him a very difficult job to master. 
  • Bard (Starting Class - Archer) - A Ranged DPS Job that puts a large emphasis on team play and highly dynamic playstyle. Thanks to a plethora of instant-cast abilities, Bart is able to stay on the move while executing his combos, which makes him great at dodging incoming AoE attacks without lowering his DPS. As a true battle-singer should, Bard can also utilize his Song mechanic to apply various buffs to himself as well as his teammates. His main drawback is the RNG-based proc system. 
  • Red Mage (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - An interesting mix of combat caster and martial artist that offers very engaging but also somewhat simplistic gameplay. Red Mage's spells generate two kinds of resources (black and white mana) that are then spent during his devastating melee attacks. He is also one of few Final Fantasy XIV Jobs capable of resurrecting fallen players and, unlike other DPS classes, has access to some healing abilities. If you are looking for a mix of magical and melee combat, Red Mage will be perfect for you. 
  • Summoner (Starting Class - Arcanist) - The "Pet Class" of Final Fantasy XIV. The summoner has access to three different (AoE, ST DPSs, and a Tank) normal pets and has access to the powerful, time-limited special summons. On top of the pets, he also has access to some of the most powerful damage-over-time abilities in the game. Moreover, he can resurrect fallen teammates (one of two Jobs that can do this). The sheer amount of micromanagement required to make the most out of Summoners pets and abilities make him one of the most difficult Jobs to play. 
  • Black Mage (Starting Class - Thaumaturge) - A master of elemental magic able to scorch his enemies with fire, just to freeze and shatter them with potent Ice-based spells seconds later. Black Mage, while powerful, suffers from rather long cast times that significantly reduce his mobility and make him vulnerable to AoE attacks. If you are looking for a powerful caster Job, Black Mage might be it - just be aware of his shortcomings. 
  • Blue Mage /Limited Job/ (Starting Class - None/Additional Job) - Limited Job (banned from PvP and most of the group content, and unable to reach the max level) focused on story and skill-based solo gameplay experience that has some limitations imposed on it. Blue Mage can mimic the abilities of his enemies, effectively defeating them with their own weapons. The main focus of the Job is the Blue Mage-specific content - the "Masked Carnivale". 

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