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The original Torchlight was a breath of fresh air on the, at the time, a bit stale action RPG market. It featured many new and interesting mechanics and ideas, and it didn't take itself too seriously which made it even more fun to play. Now, 13 years after the release of Torchlight I and 10 years after the release of similarly successful Torchlight II (and after some other entries to the series that should fall into obscurity), we are getting Torchlight Infinite. Market is definitely ready, so it's about time! This new entry to the series is a direct sequel to T2, but is developed by Xindong Network (the original was created by Runic Games) and its consulting producer is David Brevik, which is a great piece of information as this man worked on the Diablo series back in the day. Unlike the two original Torchlights, Torchlight Infinite is mainly created for Android, but it will also be available on PC. If the mobile part concerns you, we assure you that the game is actually great and offers an excellent cRPG experience on PC as well! 

In Torchlight Infinite, you will embark on an epic and extremely dangerous journey to restore Light and Brilliance to the land of Leptis. It has been 200 years since the events of Torchlight 2, Ember Tech submerged under every corner of the land, all lives now thrive under the Ember power, and Torchlight Infinite Market is as prosperous as ever... But the darkness gathers over Leptis again, and the corruption spreads beyond the prosperous civilization. If not stopped, it will consume all life. Your task is to confront the darkness as one of the elite heroes chosen for the task. You can't stop until the corrupted Aemberons are fought back and defeated! 


Torchlight Infinite Features

Torchlight Infinite is a looter Action Role Playing Game that features a wide range of mechanics and customization options, and a plethora of systems to interact and fiddle with to make your experience fun and unique each time you play. There's also plenty of challenging content to test your builds on! Let's take a closer look at what the game has to offer: 

Five Unique Heros - If you're looking for variety, Torchlight Infinite will definitely not disappoint you in the playable Classes department. There are 5 Heros to choose from in the base game and there are "many more" to come as the game develops post-launch. All of them feature a unique and refreshing playstyle, so be sure to give every single one a try. The current five are: 

  • Carino - This mighty pistoleer grew up in the Hermann Empire, where he got used to royal etiquette and good manners. After its fall, he held strong to His belief in justice. On the journey from the dissolved and corrupt Dusk City, this caused him trouble more than once and he was forced to fight for His beliefs. If you're looking for a dynamic ranged character, Carino will definitely not disappoint you. 
  • Gemma - She was born into the respected Cesar Family, famed for their thermal energy mech technology. With a background like that, there's no wonder that Gemma is a bit of a pyromaniac. The fact that she was attacked by the rival family and had to have her heart transplanted and one of her arms replaced with a fire-infused mechanic one didn't help either... These modifications not only affected her body but also turned her into a bloodthirsty maniac who waits for any opportunity to unleash Her newly-acquired frost and fire powers. If you're a fan of mages, Gemma should tick all your boxes. 
  • Moto - This mighty Dwarf was once a teacher. He had trouble reaching the higher parts of His classroom's blackboard. Human kids used to laugh at him every time he wrote his name at the very bottom of the blackboard, but he didn't get angry, instead, each time kids laughed when he struggled to write down his name, he brought out a small Ember Mech bird from his pocket and released it. Each time the classroom fell perfectly silent as the mechanic bird was taking to the sky. The Cash he was getting from the job was not enough to buy everything he needed for His Mechs on the Torchlight Infinite Market, so he decided to become an adventurer instead. Now, nobody laughs at him when he walks by in His high-tech set of armor accompanied by His minions. Moto is an engineer who has constructs a bit bigger than little birds at his disposal... if you like the idea of a Hunter archetype character who uses Mechs instead of Beasts, you'll definitely like him. 
  • Youga - This man is a charlatan who uses his magic powers to make money by performing tricks on the city's streets. At first sight, he might look like any other homeless chancer, but His powers are inf act very real. He has proven that by making the city guard look like fools multiple times when they have tried to apprehend him. Youga's specialty is the spacetime magic that allows Him to manipulate the surrounding reality and the very flow of time. If the idea of being in multiple places at once, creating illusions, and manipulating time to your advantage appeals to you, you'll fall in love with His kit. 
  • Rehan - A powerful warrior and the sole survivor of the Varagon Expedition, Rehan is a Son of Uhtred, chieftain of Varagon. He grew up under the unkind eye of His father, forced to perform any task as best as he could. Failure was never an option in the eyes of His father. All he ever wanted was His father's recognition, but that wasn't meant to be. Instead, His father has ordered the Agitos to trap Rehan under a spell and infuse Him with ember energy... This event has turned Rehan into a powerful Raging Berserker, capable of cleaving through foes like no other. If you like the idea of an all-out offensive playstyle, Rehan has got you covered! This crazy melee fighter won't hesitate for a second before charging into battle with reckless abandon. 

Riches for Everyone! - There are over 200 Legendaries in the game, and all of them are extremely powerful and will visibly increase your build's power. The number of items you receive from battles is simply astonishing in this game, and all of these items have real value. If you like grinding for power, you'll definitely love this feature. Also, grinding is fun only if the game's combat system is polished, enjoyable, and engaging - Torchlight's is, so the grind feels satisfying! 

Unlimited Torchlight Infinite Market - While most Action RPG games restrict player-to-player trading in some way by making certain items soulbound or otherwise non-tradable, Torchlight Infinite is going in the opposite direction. The game features a player-driven economy and a trade house on which you can Buy, Sell, and Trade pretty much any kind of Torchlight Infinite Asset. Because of this, you are able to make a lot of money by simply farming for resources that might not be of much use to you, but they definitely are of use to someone else (there is no useless junk in this game and everything has a use, which means that everything has a value and can be sold on the Torchlight Infinite Market). This trading system presents a world of opportunities for you, so take full advantage of it! 

Countless Build Possibilities - There are not only 5 unique Heroes in Torchlight Infinite, but there are also 24 different talent tabs that can be mixed and matched with the said Heroes. On top of that, there are over 230 powerful Skills that can be modified and tuned to your liking... and hundreds of Legendary Items that provide unique powerful effects! The results are simply overwhelming; build possibilities seem to be endless and the best thing is that you can just buy most of what you need to test them out on the Torchlight Infinite Market. In this game, the Hero serves as a template on which you build your own powerful and unique character! 

Crazy Combat System - To make the experience a bit tamer and slower, most RPGs use the ability and global cooldowns. This lets the devs control the flow of gameplay and fine-tune abilities by simply changing how often they can be used. Cooldowns are such a big part of gameplay that items that reduce them are often regarded as broken and are considered must-haves across multiple cRPG games (cooldown-reducing effects are usually among the most powerful obtainable affixes in such games). So, what if we REMOVED COOLDOWNS? Well, you can find out by playing Torchlight Infinite. There, there are no Cooldowns or resource systems that would artificially limit the use of your favorite abilities! You can just go crazy with your build and spam powerful skills that mix AoE damage with fast motion to create an unstoppable juggernaut! 

Fully Free-to-Play - If Diablo Immortal has left a bitter taste in your mouth, you'll be happy to hear that the newest entry to the Torchlight series is not only free-2-play but also features a fully loot-based crafting, upgrading, and attributing system. In other words, nothing is hidden behind paywalls! All you have to do to become powerful is to grind or engage in trading on the Torchlight Infinite Market. Time investment is what counts and the playing field is equal for everyone. 

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