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Hypixel SkyBlock Market

Minecraft, a sandbox game released on the 18th of November 2011 (but available to the general public in the form of alpha builds since 2009), is one of the biggest gaming phenomena to date. This seemingly simple (both gameplay and graphics-wise) videogame offers an unprecedented level of creative freedom to its players. Minecraft's gameplay revolves around gathering various resources (blocks) and using them to build and craft... anything that comes to the players' minds. Its world is procedurally generated and virtually infinite; it is "created" as players explore it (the creation process utilizes a map seed, which is a number or text string, that is implemented into the algorithm used to generate the map). There is no wonder that a game that offers such freedom was used as a platform for a multitude of mods and projects, including developments like Minecraft: Education Edition (which is an educational version of the base game designed for use in schools specifically), or Hypixel SkyBlock which is, basically, a completely new game that uses Minecraft as its foundation. 

Hypixel SkyBlock Features

SkyBlock is, well... an MMORPG created in Minecraft; It retains most of the features known from the base game but restricts some of them to specific areas (for balance reasons and to adjust the game for a massive multiplier environment) or puts an interesting spin on them, and adds many mechanics known from roleplaying games: 

  • Building - You can build in SkyBlock, but you are restricted to your Private Island. While on it, you can build whatever you want and customize it to your liking - most players opt for building farms that allow them to generate resources that they can then sell on the Hypixel ShyBlock Market, but you have complete creative freedom over it. 
  • Private Island - This is where you start your adventure. The first Private Island you visit (after you spawn for the first time) serves as a tutorial ground. After you complete all tasks on the first island, you will be able to make your way to the second island (which serves as your private "housing" and contains the Hub World Portal that allows you to access the main SkyBlock areas). The default size of Private Island is 160x160 blocks, but it can be increased to 241x241 via the "Account and Profile Upgrades" (the best upgrades aren't cheap and will require a lot of grinding, however). 
  • Mining - The main activity of Minecraft (it's in its title, after all) has received a thorough overhaul in SkyBlock. Mining is now one of 12 Skills that can be leveled up (leveling a skill up will increase its effectiveness; in the case of Mining, every subsequent level increases your chance to get double ore yield while mining by 4%). Unlike in the regular Minecraft, in Hypixel SkyBlock mining can only be performed in pre-determined areas - Mines (there are multiple Mines available on the map, each with a different resource set and possibly many dangers, including hostile NPCs). With the Skyblock's rework, Mining has its own progression - you start from mining coal and grind your way all the way to Lapis and Redstone which can be found only in extremely dangerous places (for the new players, that is) - Lapis Quarry and Pigmen's Den. The mod offers multiple assets that make mining more efficient and much more effective. For example, you can get a pickaxe, that will automatically smelt ore upon pick up, very early in the game. Just like in the original game, mining is an inherent part of the SkyBlock experience and a rather reliable source of resources that can be traded on the Hypixel SkyBlock Market. 
  • Attributes/Stats - These are values that determine how players/mobs fare in different situations or how well they perform certain actions (like attacking, defending, or simply moving). Currently, there are 12 different Stats in Hypixel SkyBlock; Strength - increases damage dealt and affects Foraging, Fairy Souls, and Forbidden Strength; Intelligence - increases player's Mana amount and affects Enchanting, Alchemy, Melody, Defuse Kit, and Forbidden Intelligence; Health - determines how much damage player can take before dying and affects Farming, Fishing, Fairy Souls, Zombie Slayer, Wolf Slayer, and Forbidden Health; Speed - determines how fast player can move and affects Fairy Souls, Wolf Dlayer, and Forbidden Speed; Defense - increases player's damage resistance and affects Mining, Fairy Souls, and Forbidden Defense; True Defense - increases player's damage resistance and is not ignored by True Damage; Critical Damage - increases the damage bonus of critical, and affects Spider Slayer and Wolf Slayer; Crit Chance - increases the chance to land a Critical Hit and affects Combat and Spider Slayer LVL 7; Ferocity - gives a chance to double-strike enemies; Pet Luck - affects pet drop chances and increases the chance of getting rare pets when crafting; Magic Find - increases the chance of finding rare gear from bosses and regular enemies; Sea Creature Chance - increases the chance of catching a Sea Creature while fishing. 
  • Skills - As mentioned in the "mining" section, there are 12 Skills in SkyBlock (Alchemy, Carpentry, Combat, Enchanting, Farming, Fishing, Foraging, Mining, Taming, Dungeoneering, Social, and Runecrafting), all of which can be leveled up to make them more effective at what they do; in most cases, each level up gives a 4% bonus to a skill-specific activity, for example, each level of Combat gives you a 4% chance to deal quadruple damage to enemies, and each level of Farming gives you a 4% chance to get double crops while harvesting. All Skills are leveled up by simply performing the activity the given skill is related to - Combat - Fighting mobs and other players, Farming - harvesting crops and shearing sheep, Mining - mining cobblestone and ore, Carpentry - crafting, Alchemy - brewing Potions, Runecrafting - defeating bosses and runic enemies or fusing runes, Fishing - catching fish, Foraging - cutting down trees and foraging plants, Enchanting - enchanting gear, Taming - earning Pet experience, Dungeoneering - participating in dungeons, and Social - visiting other players' islands and inviting them to visit your own. Leveling up Skills is one of the most important things as the bonuses provided by them are very significant and will allow you to be much more effective in pretty much all aspects of the game; bonuses to resource-related skills are a priority if you want to conquer the Hypixel SkyBlock Market and make a good profit. 
  • Achievements - These are in-game goals players can accomplish to unlock cosmetic features and other rewards. Achievements are related to in-game activities, like rising skills, finding dungeon secrets, unlocking collections, and so on. Achievement progress can be viewed by opening the SkyBlock menu and selecting the "My Hypixel profile" option. This feature gives players a good reason to play, as unlike fulfilling self-imposed goals, completing Achievements gives prestige among other players and provides dedicated gamers with unique rewards. 
  • Minions - While gathering resources is one of the main mechanics of Minecraft, Hypixel SkyBlock gives you much more to do and, let's be real, most of the things you can do are more enjoyable than gathering resources, however, gathering can't be skipped as some upgrades, recipes, and gear requires an incredibly high number of resources. Luckily, SkyBlock introduces Minions - automated resource gatherers that generate assets constantly, even when you are offline. These Minions can be placed on your Island - each of them requires a 5x5 area to operate and can be upgraded (up to Tier XI) to increase their effectiveness. Each minion type has a different specialization (it generates a single resource) and some of the specializations are much more useful than others, especially if you plan on selling the generated resources on Hypixel SkyBlock Market. 
  • Quests - An inherent part of any Roleplaying Game and one of the main features of Hypixel SkyBlock. Thanks to these, the mod feels like a true MMORPG and encourages players to fully explore and experience it. Quests require you to do certain tasks and provide you with rewards upon completion; you can check your quest progress in the Quest Log (which can be accessed by pressing the nether star and then the book and quill icon). Just like in regular RPGs, in SkyBlock quests are given by special NPCs that can be found all around the in-game world. Rewards range from some coins and experience to rare recipes, unlocking access to certain areas, unlocking skills, and receiving special items. 
  • Bazaar - A special NPC that gives players access to the official Hypixel SkyBlock Market. On the market, players can Buy and Sell all tradable in-game assets from/to other players. It allows you to post buy and sell orders and is divided into sections that make searching through currently active offers much easier. The bazaar is fully player-driven and reacts to supply and demand changes which means that it can be manipulated to make in-game currency. Just like in most other cases, SkyBlock's Bazaar can be used for flipping assets and is one of the best sources of profit. if you know how to use it. 
  • And many, many more, including unique enemies, NPCs, armaments, gear, pets, locations (some of which were mentioned above), daily competitions, challenges, and special events, and of course a thriving community. 

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