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Path of Exile Trade

Path of Exile is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It's currently the trendsetter for the genre on the market, with constantly growing popularity. Players control a mighty Exile from an overhead isometric perspective, complete quests, kill monsters, defeat Bosses, and gain experience points to increase their Skill Points and equip better gear. This is pretty much standard for an Action RPG, however, what makes Path of Exile stand out from other games, are its complex Currency, Character Classes, Skill Gems, and Item Crafting/Customization systems. Players can also trade all the PoE Goods they find, greatly increasing the joy of finding or crafting valuable Loot (or straight-up becoming rich, if you prefer it that way). Some Items offered on PoE Markets including the official Path of Exile website,, Odealo, and other PoE trading platforms may reach prices equal to thousands of real-life US Dollars, giving players another big reason to continue endless grinding in the world of Wraeclast.

In the Path of Exile, players can choose from seven playable classes including Duelist, Marauder, Templar, Witch, Ranger, Shadow, and Scion. Each of the classes has three different Ascendancy Classes, with the exception of Scion, which has just one sub-class. Ascendancy Classes open up its own unique Skill Tree to master with Class-specific Passives. Ascendancy Class is upgraded by completing Labyrinths, with up to 8 Passives - two for each Labyrinth. Path of Exile has introduced one big Passive Skill Tree, which connects the Passives of all the base classes, giving players an astounding number of possible Skill choices and Character builds. On the other hand, Skills In Path of Exile come from Skill Gems, which become active when you socket them in your equipment. Skill Gems can be enhanced by Support Gems, which have to be socketed in linked Sockets. The number of Sockets and links and most of the Items' attributes can be changed by using various Orbs. This makes up for an insanely absorbing player experience. Character customization in Path of Exile is second to none, with various unique game-style mechanics available, and endless Item and Skill setups, making it one of the most absorbing games in its genre. This is one of the very few games that offer such diversity. It's not a problem to play a Marauder Spellcaster, Berserker, or Champion with a Bow or a Melee Occultist.


Path of Exile Trading and Currency System

Most popular  Path of  Exile marketplaces
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Path of Exile is an online action RPG where players can trade items with one another. Trading in Path of Exile is primarily done through the game's official Path of Exile trade website, which allows players to search for items they want and see what other players are offering in exchange for main currency items.  To use the trade website, players need to have a premium stash tab. These tabs can be purchased in the in-game store and allow players to set prices for items in that tab and make them available for trade. Players can then search for specific items or browse listings based on various criteria, such as item type, rarity, and price. When a player finds an item they want to purchase, they can message the seller through the trade website to negotiate the terms of the trade. Once an agreement has been reached, the buyer and seller will typically meet in-game to exchange the Items and Currency.

In addition to the official trade website, some players also use third-party trading platforms such as PoE Trade Macro, and PoE Trade Companion to find and trade items more easily. Trading can also be done with the use of real money, on websites like Odealo.  It's important to note that trading in Path of Exile is entirely player-driven, meaning that there is no central auction house or other systems to facilitate trades. This can make trading somewhat time-consuming and reliant on social interaction, but it also allows for a more dynamic and engaging trading experience.

What's most important about Path of Exile, is its unique Crafting and Currency system, with the primary purpose of Currency (or Orbs as they are often named) is to alter attributes of an Item in various ways. Players are able to create Items that specifically suit their current needs. You should understand though, that crafting is a very lengthy and expensive process, so in order to be able to create all the items you need for your desired build, you will have to trade a lot with other players and make friends with the PoE Marketplace. Even the high-level players need to trade and exchange their Goods, to get the ingredients they specifically need currently. Some Items require thousands of specific low-tier Orbs, for example, you can imagine how much it would take to farm them all by yourself directly. 

Most of the Goods and Items in Path of Exile can be traded with other players. There are no restrictions on what can be traded or not, except for Cosmetic and Quest Items. Trading is a core part of Path of Exile, with only players that have decided to play Solo Self-Found Mode, being unable to trade since there are simply no other players in this game mode. Trading is conducted in the game via the standard Trade Window, which requires the player to be one the same instanced area. It's easiest to do when you are in a group with the other player, as you will be able to automatically teleport to his location. The game itself offers no built-in Marketplace of any kind, and trading is possible only by advertising your Goods on Chat, which has designated Trade channels for that purpose, or by listing items you have stored in a Premium Stash Tab. Players can make their Premium Stash Tabs public, and listed items will appear in search results both on and the official trading platform found on Path of Exile's website. When you decide to sell an item that way, make sure to list a price, unless you are selling something overly powerful and popular, you will be much less likely to be contacted about your wares without it.

On the other hand, in order to purchase any PoE Goods off the market, you will have to find the item you desire and copy-paste the link which is available right next to every item on the beforementioned websites. After inputting the message in the Chat window in-game, you will automatically contact the seller with a direct indication of what Goods you want to buy from him exactly. All you have to do now is to wait for a Party Invite from him and Teleport to his location to process the transaction. Make sure to always double-check the item in the trade window, as all trades in Path of Exile are irreversible and final. Below you will find all types of Items that can be traded and you will find them on the Path of Exile's market. 


Types of Tradeable PoE Goods
Orbs Orbs are the primary Currency used in Path of Exile. There is no Gold or any other "standard" mean of exchange in PoE. Players can trade them if they have any character on level 25 or above, on any available game modes
Equipment This group contains all equipable pieces of gear and includes helmets, Body Armour, Amulet, Rings, Gloves, Boots, Belts, Weapons, Wands, Staves, Shields, and Quivers.
Jewels Jewels are items that can be socketed in Jewel Sockets on your Passive Tree, as well as inside Abyssal Items with Abyssal Jewels
Flasks This group contains rechargeable Life, Mana, and Utility Potions. Different builds need different Flasks for the best performance, so usually, you will need to buy them as well to optimize your character 
Fossils Fossils are found in Delve and used for meta-crafting. They are quite expensive, and one of the best ways to earn money in Path of Exile is to farm them and post for sale on PoE marketplace
Resonators Resonators are "containers" used for crafting with Fossils. In order to use one on your gear, you will have to socket them with Fossils first
Maps Maps could be called "keys" to end-game content. Using Map on a Map Device will open up six portals to a high-level instance of the area with specific Boss on it
Fragments Fragments are similar to Maps. They are used to open end-game locations with high-level Bosses and valuable rewards. Usually, Fragments will work only in full Sets and will require you to collect all Fragments to open specific areas
Essences Essences were introduced in the Essence League. You obtain them by slaying Essence-trapped monsters and they can be used to craft very powerful equipment with unique Essence-exclusive attributes
Prophecies Prophecies are offered by Navali, and by using Silver Coins you can seal for later use or for trade. Some Prophecies are extremely valuable and they will reach very high prices on the PoE Marketplace
Divination Cards Divination Cards can be found across Wraeclast and exchanged for predefined rewards. You will need to complete the full stack of Divination Cards to receive the rewards. Some cards can only be found in specific areas, and some of them are extremely rare, greatly increasing their Market value in the Path of Exile. Exchanging Divination Cards is one of the most efficient ways to obtain the Legendary Head Hunter belt


As mentioned before, trading is one of the core and inherent parts of the Path of Exile. Unless you want to play the SSF Mode, you will surely need to trade a lot to progress faster in PoE. With the absence of a regular built-in marketplace in PoE, players have to use external websites for that purpose. While you can use and the official website to find offers listed by players for the in-game Orbs, you can also Buy and Sell Items with real money. Trading with real cash is not officially supported, but players can do it safely on Odealo Marketplace. It is a secure player-to-player Marketplace for the Path of Exile that supports trading with real-life money. Here you can Buy, Sell, and Trade your Path of Exile Goods, Assets, and Services. All offers on Odealo are user-posted, and you solely trade with other Path of Exile players. Odealo act as a PoE Trading Platform, offering: offer management, browsing, and promotion tools, and a secure transaction system based on Escrow. If you have wondered what is the top place to trade in Path of Exile, you are right here. Make PoE Trade easy for yourself and start trading your Path of Exile Goods on Odealo today! Odealo has active marketplaces for all available game modes including Standard, Softcore, Hardcore, Ruthless and Temporary Leagues, as well as, supports trading on all platforms including PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PoE Mobile (coming soon).

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