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New World is one of the most promising modern MMORPGs scheduled for release in the upcoming years. The game is being developed by Amazon Game Studios and has undergone some major changes and adjustments since the first tests; the devs have even decided to push it back to the alpha testing stage after listening to testers' feedback, which is a good thing as developers who listen to their customer base are a rare breed these days. It is set to be released in early 2021 if no further delays happen (fingers crossed).

New World is set in the 16th century and players assume roles of colonizers of a previously unknown landmass discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. At first, the game was designed to be a "standard" sandbox MMO with all the features that come with such titles, like New World Market being fully player-driven, or crafting being the only source of gear, and so on. Currently, more quests and end-game PvE content is being added, so we can assume that the New World will be a Sandpark game, which is a hybrid between sandbox and theme park MMOs (ArcheAge is a good example of such a game). Some of the more interesting New World's features include (please note that some of these are subject to change as the game is still being developed): 

  • Player's freedom of choice - The game does not hold your hand and doesn't tell you for whom to work or who to side with. You start as a neutral character and it is up to you if you want to join a faction, a company, a group of like-minded players, or stay neutral and try to cut out a piece of bread for yourself. This means that you don't have to decide your fate at the start of your journey (like you have to in most other MMOs, by choosing your starting faction, for example); you don't have to decide at all, in fact - you can just let the events decide for you and go with the flow. 
  • There are three main factions - Covenant (a group of fanatics that has charged themselves with cleansing the land and restoring its natural balance), Syndicate (a faction that aims to use the secrets of Aetherum for the "greater good" and bring the new age of enlightenment to the world by utilizing the forbidden knowledge hidden within the land), and Marauders (a militaristic organization that wants to establish a free nation on Aetherum and enable anyone with enough influence and strength to prosper and profit from this mysterious land); players can side with any of them or stay completely neutral - Each of the factions has its own agenda, and there is a constant three-way war between them - A three faction system ensures that one faction does not overpower the others and the server's population stays healthy; if one faction grows in power too much, the other two can form a temporary alliance and put the third back in its place. In MMOs that feature just two factions, servers with population distributions like 90:10 or even 99:1 are quite common, which makes large portions of the content unplayable (see world PvP on one-sided wow classic servers). The decision to implement not two but three opposing factions also ensures that the New World Market stays healthy and price differences of goods, between factions, are quite minor. 
  • Aeternum, the New World's main landmass is constantly changing - The game features changing seasons, so the world will be very different in winter than it is in the summer. Weather also affects it, so there will be less vegetation during droughts, water levels will rise as a result of thunderstorms, and so on. Player's choices also affect the world to some degree. Moreover, harvesting materials makes them disappear from the map; the trees you cut down will fall over, and only regrow after a certain amount of time has passed. Mineral veins are limited, so no mine will provide unlimited resources - they will run out sooner or later and force you to look for a different source. 
  • Aetherum is divided into territories that can be taken over by Player Companies - Inside each territory, there is a Fort that can be claimed by a company. Once a company claims the Fort, it automatically assumes control over the territory (Forts are neutral by default, so companies will rush to claim them as soon as possible after a new server launches). Once a fort is claimed, the leader of the Company that has claimed it automatically becomes the territory's Governor (this position allows players to choose the territory's faction allegiance, town bonuses, and upgrades). If a fort is already occupied, it can only be claimed by defeating the current occupants in a siege battle (declaring war on territory has to be preceded by a lengthy economic and military campaign aimed at undermining the fort's current occupants' influence over the land). In each territory, there are also settlements which are player-driven community hubs that feature inns, taverns, uninstanced player housing, various public buildings (like forges, sawmills, and faction headquarters), and so on. Moreover, there is a New World Market located in each settlement, which means that these towns also serve as important economic hubs. 
  • Player Housing - Players can claim a plot of land in one of the territories and create their private residence there (one player can own up to three houses in the world). If a player owns a house inside the territory, he/she automatically becomes that territory's resident and a member of the corresponding Faction (under the rule of the local Governor). Player houses are fully customizable; they can be furnished and decorated to the player's content. They also provide various passive bonuses through the Trophies mechanic (placing a Trophy in your house will grant you various positive effects). Available houses may vary in size and style - they can have up to three stories and gardens; bigger and more exclusive residences will be much more contested and worth a lot on the New World Market. If a player wishes to reside inside of the territory, they have to obtain a level 15 standing with the said Territory. The standing can be increased by participating in town projects, crafting assets in Settlements that are a part of the Territory, and taking part in the appropriate Faction Missions. 
  • Resources are rather scarce - In most other games resource nodes respawn regularly, usually after a few minutes to an hour, depending on the rarity. In Amazon's New World, resources take a long time to respawn. When you harvest a tree, it will physically fall down and regrow gradually over a long period of time. If you break a rock with your pickaxe to harvest stone or ore, the rock will break which greatly adds to the immersion. Thanks to this, players have a very visible impact on the world's appearance; if they cut down every tree, and mine every square meter of land for resources, they will alter its looks for a considerable amount of time. An interesting side effect of this resource-gathering system is the fact that resource nodes near every New World Market will be depleted quickly after every respawn, which will result in a gradual increase in prices as players will be forced to travel further and further to gather materials. 
  • Fair and simple Crafting System - Crafting is a core gameplay feature of the New World. Currently, there are 7 different Crafting Skills implemented - Armoring (as the name suggests, armorers create various types of protective equipment), Cooking (a profession based around making various food-type consumables), Arcana (an alchemy-like profession that focuses on making potions, magical weapons, and tinctures which are consumables that provide an immediate effect), Weaponsmithing (a crafting skill that allows players to make non-magical armaments), Jewelcrafting (a profession based around making trinkets), Furnishing (profession important to players that like to decorate and furnish their houses), and Engineering (a profession that allows players to craft various tools, ranged weapons, and ammunition). As players level up their crafting skills, the yield of their recipes will increase (the same recipe will produce more goods if it is used by a very skilled crafter), and the potential range of gear score of created items will increase (so, an artisan Weapoonsmith will have a chance of making much stronger weapons than an apprentice Weaponsmith and so on; gear score also depends on the tier of used materials, however). Assets created by players have the potential to be more powerful than those dropped from hostile NPCs. Thanks to this, selling player-made equipment on the New World Marketplace is a sure way of making a good profit; if you are a skilled crafter, that is. 
  • Adventures are needed on Aetherum - There are quite a lot of quests that can be completed in the New World. While this feature was a bit lacking in the early iterations of the game (the variety of the available quests is lackluster which makes them feel very grindy after a while), it is constantly expanded upon and improved, so we can assume that the release version of the game will feature a mature and diverse questing system. Currently, once completed, quests award currency, experience points, Standing with the corresponding Territory, and occasionally gear or other types of equipment. Each of the New World Territories has its own main quests; once taken, they appear in the player's Journal and they cannot be abandoned. 

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