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Credits are the primary mean of exchange on Odealo. Credits are credited to the User's account after making a deposit of funds or selling an item. Credits are used to purchase Items and services across the portal or can be withdrawn from the portal by users with the appropriate Authorization level.

Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate to US Dollars and hence are strictly connected to real-life money, Diamonds can be rewarded for a general on-site activity like leveling up and earning Badges. Diamonds can also be purchased for Credits by Users that want to boost their sales or increase their offer exposure. 


Odealo Credits

Credits are the primary virtual currency used on Odealo and the official mean of exchange across the portal. What you should know about Credits?

  1. Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate to US Dollars
  2. All transactions on the website between its Users and Odealo itself are concluded with the use of Credits
  3. Fees are paid in Credits after successful transactions and upon requesting withdrawals
  4. Credits are instantly refunded to Buyer's on-site balance after an order is canceled* so that they can be instantly used to order different products or from different sellers 
    *(If you are looking for a standard refund please contact the site administrator via PM or e-mail)
  5. Credits are added to Seller's balance after each successful sale - this is effective after the Buyer personally confirms delivery or if three days have passed after Seller's confirmation of shipment

Credits are non-transferable with the exception of Credit transfer upon completing a transaction. Credits are not a legal mean of exchange.