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After over 2 years of waiting, Lost Ark has finally reached the shores of Europe, Latin America, and North America. While we had to wait for over 2 additional years, it was not necessarily a bad thing - we've received a polished product, free of its infancy problems, and with hundreds of days of additional development and improvements under its belt. It is safe to say that Lost Ark was one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, and numbers confirm it - the game has peaked at over 500 thousand concurrent players on steam even before it fully launched (those 500k individual players had to Buy a founder's pack, on the Lost Ark Market, that gave them a 3-day head start). Now that we've established that Lost Ark is a very popular game, let's take a closer look at what type of a game it actually is, shall we? 

Lost Ark is a High Fantasy-based Massively Multiplayer Online Action Roleplaying Game, developed by South Korean Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio, and published in the west by Amazon Games. The game runs on Unreal Engine 3 and features an isometric view (characters are fully rendered in 3D but, just like in most isometric games with similar graphics, the environment is a "pseudo-3D" projection. Back in 2019, when it was launched in Korea, Lost Ark has received largely positive reviews, and its satisfying, flashy, and very impactful combat system was almost universally praised. Despite superficial similarities, Lost Ark features gameplay much different from that of "standard" (non-MMO) online ARPGs, like PoE, and is much more akin to other action-based MMORPGs that came out from South Korea (Bosses, Drop Rates, Mechanics, Events, Lost Ark Market, and even the Storyline put a large emphasis on establishing the Massively Multiplayer nature of the game). What Lost Ark does quite similarly to other ARPGs is its Class system. let's take a closer look at it so that you have an idea about which of the available classes will suit your playstyle the most. 

Lost Ark Classes Breakdown

The game features 5 Main Class Archetypes that divide into 15 different Classes with unique characteristics. Each of the Classes features a distinctive set of skills and abilities that define its role and playstyle. Moreover, each class offers a different aesthetic and a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that come to play when gaming solo or in a group - some of the classes will work better when supporting or being supported, while some others are designed to be more solo-friendly. As it often happens with Korean MMORPGs, all classes in Lost Ark are gender-locked (but some of them have both male and female counterparts). To ensure that you have as much fun as possible, you should choose your main Class based on the playstyle you prefer; here's a quick breakdown of all the available Lost Ark Advanced Classes: 

  • Assassin Archetype - This archetype consists of two nimble melee damage dealers, capable of outmaneuvering any opposition in close combat. Just like the name suggests, Assassins revolve around dirty tricks, back-attacks, and high mobility. 
    • Deathblade - If you think that using two swords is not good enough, Deathblade has got you covered - she utilizes three blades and mixes them with the power of pure chaos to swiftly cut down her opposition. To make her toolkit work, she needs to position herself behind her enemies, which, combined with the rapid nature of her attacks, makes her a hard class to master. 
    • Shadowhunter - A shapeshifter that utilizes demonic power to unleash hell on her enemies. She can shape-shift into a demon and summon various kinds of demonic entities to support her in combat. While in the demonic form, Shadowhunter is simply unstoppable, which makes her feel very satisfying to play. 
  • Mage Archetype - A collection of magic-based ranged Classes capable of damaging their foes and bolstering their allies from a safe distance. The two available Mage Classes differ greatly in playstyle, so choose carefully. 
    • Sorceress - A ranged Damage Dealer that wields the power of the elements and uses it to obliterate Her enemies. Sorceress utilizes a mix of water, ice, lightning, and fire spells to unleash devastating amounts of AoE damage. Her toolkit is hard to master but offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to dishing out punishment and surviving encounters. Because of this, She will be ideal for players who want to farm items and Sell them on the Lost Ark Market. 
    • Bard - A ranged Support Class that mostly revolves around buffing and healing teammates, but also supports a solid crowd-control toolkit. In other words, Bard is designed for group play and thus excels while teamed up with other players. To balance out Her high impact in parties, Bard's attack and casting animations are rather slow and the class can feel sluggish at times because of that. 
  • Warrior Archetype - This archetype features three classes that revolve around the brute force, heavy armor, high survivability, and below-average mobility (in most cases). Warriors are brawlers who excel in hand-to-hand combat. They can outlast their opponents in melee by mitigating the incoming damage (they wear heavy armor) and dishing out a steady stream of damage with their imposing weapons. Advanced Classes of this archetype are: 
    • Gunlancer - A Tanky DPS Class that uses a large spear (with a gun mounted inside of it) and a shield to take on enemies in melee combat. While Lost Ark doesn't have a dedicated Tank spec, this is the class that comes the closest to actually being a Tank. Gunlancer can soak up more damage than any other class and is able to shield His teammates from incoming damage. It's also the only class that has access to a taunt-like ability that can shift bosses' attention. 
    • Paladin - A Support DPS Class that utilizes a sword, shield, and a plethora of magical abilities that help bolster their party. Paladin is one of two Lost Ark Classes that revolve around supporting teammates in combat. He is able to bolster his allies' offensive and defensive capabilities and heal them if needed. Because of this, he is one of the most in-demand classes for group content - if you want to find parties easily and even Sell your services as a support, play Paladin. 
    • Berserker - An all-out melee DPS that wields a greatsword and uses it to wreck his opposition. Berserker is offensively-oriented and very satisfying to play but lacks in terms of defense. His attacks feel impactful and are very flashy. Also, he's surprisingly nimble for his weight, especially with the berserker mode active. 
  • Martial Artist Archetype - This archetype consists of four fist weapon specialists who prefer mobility, positioning, and fast combos over heavy armor and slow 2-handed weapons. If you like dynamic melee characters, you'll definitely find a Class that suits you, among the Martial Artists. 
    • Soulfist - A versatile fighter that mixes melee and ranged attacks to unleash some of the most powerful combos in Lost Ark. She utilizes a special relic to channel elemental energy into her attacks and to sustain herself during long encounters. 
    • Scraper - A powerful Melee Class that offers a solid mix of defense, offense, mobility, and sustain. In combat, she taps into two different energy types that feed of each other, forcing her to weave both types into her combos. Because of this, Scraper is one of the more difficult combo-based Classes in Lost Ark. 
    • Striker - An extremely dynamic, quick, and precise Class able to deliver some of the most spectacular and devastating combos in the game. His abilities revolve around fire and earth elements and feature a lot of air-time, which makes them very flashy and impactful. 
    • Wardancer - A female counterpart of the Striker that can augment Her strikes with elemental power. She is capable of unleashing a flurry of devastating blows, but can also forgo her offensive nature and spec into a well-rounded support build that focuses on powerful buffs and debuffs that help Her teammates in combat. 
  • Gunner Archetype - This archetype consists of 4 ranged physical damage dealers that can also stand their ground in CQB by firing their guns from point-blank range. If you're looking for a versatile DPS that can dish out punishment while keeping a safe distance from its enemies, one of the four following classes should do the job for you. 
    • Sharpshooter - A ranged combat specialist that dropped his gun in favor of a powerful bow and a deadly mix of high-tech custom arrows with various on-hit effects. Sharpshooter is agile and precise, capable of exploiting enemies' weaknesses like no other class in the game. 
    • Deadeye - As far as ranged damage dealers go, Deadeye is considered to be the hardest to master, but also the most rewarding. He uses not one, but three different types of ranged weapons, Shotguns, Pistols, and Rifles, every type with a set of strengths and weaknesses. Playing Deadeye largely revolves around choosing the right tool for the job and exploiting the situation with your versatile toolkit. 
    • Artillerist - If Bows, Pistols, and Rifles are too small for you, Artillerist has got you covered. This ranged DPS is Lost Ark's equivalent of heavy artillery. He uses some of the biggest weapons imaginable and combines them with heavy armor. He's not too mobile, but he's deadly - just like a walking tank. 
    • Gunslinger - A female equivalent of the Deadeye. Gunslinger utilizes three different stances, each featuring a different weapon type (Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle). She's extremely agile and mobile, able to reposition in a blink of an eye to exploit the enemy's weak spots. 

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