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Dual Universe Market

Dual Universe takes the Sandbox subgenre of MMORPGs to a whole new level by giving players the ability to explore, conquer, alter, and fully edit an un-instanced universe (the game features the so-called "Continuous Single-Shard Cluster technology" which allows players to interact with each other in a single massive world, without instanced areas or loading screens). The game uses procedural generation for creating unique planets for players to explore and mine for resources they can then sell on Dual Universe Market (if you just thought of No Man's Sky, you're right - there are similarities, but DU focuses on Massively Multiplayer aspect much more than NMS does). The game's systems are built in a way that promotes player cooperation - lone wolf will not conquer this universe, but he can still make some impact. While playing in a group (Dual Univers's "guilds" are called Organizations), DU players can heavily specialize in one aspect of the game (as mining or refining) without gimping themselves or being forced to spend money on Dual Universe Market to get assets they need - Their Organization's members, specialized in other fields, can provide them. This creates an extremely challenging environment for solo players, but playing the game without a large Organization/guild supporting you is certainly possible. 

A word on Dual Universe economy

Dual Universe economy is fully player-driven and decentralized (prices of goods vary greatly from one Dual Universe Market to another). For example, low tier raw materials, which are mined in very large quantities inside safe areas, tend to be extremely cheap inside the said safe hubs. However, their price will be much higher in outer space, where the danger of "unwanted PvP encounters" has to be taken into account (these relations are dictated by the real-life market economy system, which is based on supply and demand relations - a must-have feature of all self-respecting sandbox games). Moreover, transporting goods is not that simple as large cargo-hauling ships are very expensive to build and hard to replace when destroyed (not to mention the cost of lost cargo). This creates a very interesting choice - stay safe at the cost of overall profit and stick to safe areas, or risk it all for potentially a much higher gain outside of the safe zone. Another important factor in the Dual Universe's economy is the player-to-player competition. As mentioned before, members of Organizations can specialize in certain aspects of the game - this means that some of them are able to refine raw ores much more efficiently than others and sell them for a lower price as a result. This means that a solo player will not be able to compete (without spending months or years developing his character, that is). Luckily, there is a way around that - if you want to play this game solo, focus on one extreme end of the economy - mining and selling raw materials or assembling high-tech parts (the latter will require a lot of skill training), doing this will allow you to still make some money on the Dual Universe Market dominated by powerful player Organizations. 

Getting Started in Dual Universe

As a new player, you might feel a bit (yes, "a bit" might be an understatement) overwhelmed by the sheer size of Dual Universe, and the number of mechanics the game requires you to learn. If you feel like that, don't worry, there are thousands just like you. Luckily, a majority of experienced players and beta veterans are more than happy to share their knowledge with new players coming to the game. We have gathered their knowledge, mixed it with our own, and compiled into a few tips and tricks, dos and don'ts, that will help you to get started, as a new player, in Dual Universe:

  • Firstly, increase your Field of View in the game's graphics options. The default FoV is too low (for our taste, at least), to a point where it makes playing difficult. Increasing the FoV will effectively zoom out your camera and generally make it easier to see what you're doing. 
  • Don't skip the tutorial. Most of the gameplay-related questions people ask in the chat and/or on the forums are a result of them simply skipping the tutorial and neglecting the game's efforts to teach them how to perform basic (as well as some of the more intricate) in-game activities. We recommend that you do each and every one of the available tutorial missions, as they will help you understand the game's mechanics better. Also, they will award you with some much-needed starting money and skill points - can't skip on these! If you've already skipped them, don't worry, they can also be started on the Sanctuary (to access them, go to any Dual Universe Market /Hub located on the Sanctuary). Also, the Tutorials are a great way of discovering what the late game has in store for you. 
  • Pressing the alt+v combination on your keyboard will bring up the Mark Management menu. From there, you can select which additional information is displayed on your screen when you press "v" (this includes displaying marks over Players, Market, Unclaimed Constructs, Space Constructs, Static Conmstructs, Dynamic Constructs, and the Display of the Territory Tiles). 
  • When the game prompts you to Claim your first area on the Sanctuary, pick a piece of land as close to the Hub as possible. Distances in this game are massive and traveling 70 kilometers on foot will take A LOT of time... Not to mention that every minute spent on traveling is a minute less spent making actual in-game progress (just imagine having to travel for an hour every time you want to buy or sell something at the Dual Universe Market). Of course, the later you start the less choice you will have but there are still plots of land, located in decent areas, up for grabs. 
  • If you are not a determined Solo Player, find an Organization. Playing this game with a group of friends or like-minded players will make your experience much better and will allow you to progress much faster. Strength lays in numbers, especially in large open-world, sandbox titles like the Dual Universe. While playing in a group, you will be able to heavily specialize in one aspect of the game, while your friends specialize in something else - this way you will be much more efficient, as a group, than any solo player could ever dream of being. You can bring up the Organization menu by pressing the F3 button on your keyboard. Just remember that some Organizations have strict rules and requirements that you will have to meet before your application is accepted. 
  • Invest in Territory Scanners early. Territory Scanner is a device that allows you to scan a whole area of land for resource deposits. The main goal here is finding the so-called supernodes which are the richest deposits of natural resources present in the game (a single one can contain millions of liters of a single resource type). To scan efficiently, you will have to invest in a ship and mount three Territory Scanners on it so that you can scan up to three tiles at once (tiles are hexagonal in shape, so to scan three at a time, your ship has to be "Y"-shaped so that you can place every end of it, with a Territory Scanner mounted, on a different tile - to do this, park in a place where 3 tiles are in contact with each other). Once you find a supernode, claim it and start your mining operations. The number of resources you will gather from your first supernode will (most likely) be enough to buy everything you need, from the Dual Universe Market, to progress quickly. 
  • When you sell goods on the Dual Universe Market, remember to check the current prices in your area. As mentioned in the Economy section, prices differ according to the supply and demand relation, and they will differ from planet to planet. You don't want to miss out on a portion of your potential profit or risk not selling anything at all because you've set your prices wrong. 
  • Pressing F2 allows you to access your character's Talents window. These Talents are the single most important thing in the game - they make almost every in-game activity you perform more efficient or quicker (for example, improving your refining skills will allow you to refine more ore at a lower fuel cost). Talents can be unlocked immediately with the use of Talent Points or learned slowly via the queue. Now, here is the important thing - your character learns Talents you have queued even when you are offline. This means that you should always have new talents queued for learning! Also, keeping new talents queued at all times will ensure that your talent points accumulation rate stays high (the maximum talent accumulation rate is 90 per minute; it will stay at this level if you have talents queued, if you don't have anything in the queue, it will drop to 6 per minute - this way the game rewards regular play). The best way to start is mining and inventory talents as they will allow you to gather resources quicker and store more of them at a time. 
  • If you get frustrated because of the game's mechanics, remember that Dual Universe is still under development - if you have game-related feedback, you can write it on the game's official forums. Also, some of the currently present in-game mechanics and features will be overhauled, fine-tuned, and improved which means that the general player experience will only improve over time. 

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