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New World Items

Just like most other sandbox MMORPGs, New World puts a very high emphasis on player-made Items. Because of this, gathering, refining, and crafting skills are all essential if you want to progress through the game in an efficient manner. They allow you to make New World Items from scratch and gear up to beat more and more difficult challenges as you level up. This also means that the game is not only about questing and fighting mobs or other players, as many "theme park" MMOs are - far from it. A player-driven economy and the above-mentioned skills lay at its foundation, while quests and computer-controlled enemies are there to push you towards the end-game and better resources that are needed to craft end-game gear which is, in turn, needed to fight in territory wars against the two other factions. Thanks to this model of progression, almost everyone has access to end-game New World Items (either via the Market Board or by simply making them on their own) that allow them to compete with other players. As a side note: In other MMORPGs, top-level equipment is only obtainable by the very top of the player base which creates a great power disparity in the end-game. This does not happen in New World, at least not at the individual player level (factions are another story, though). The game offers a very solid built-in marketplace, but as always, you can also Buy New World Items with real cash from other players on external marketplaces like Odealo. Buying with real money in most cases is cheaper, so a lot of players prefer to buy NWO Items with cash instead of overpaying on the official channels. There are a lot of New World Online Items players can buy, sell, and trade, as the game offers immense equipment diversity and tons of crating and looting options. 

New World Items come in three main types: 

  • Raw resources, which can be obtained by performing gathering on resource nodes. Leveling up the gathering skill unlocks the ability to gather higher-level resources. To find a specific resource, you can refer to the world map which is color-coded to show the location of different biomes. Each Biome has a different set of New World Items available for gathering: Forests contain Trees, Herbs, and Hemp; Grasslands are abundant with Herbs and Hemp; Highlands offer Boulders and Precious Minerals; Marshes contain Oil; Shrublands are known to contain Berries and Bushes; Coastal Hills are packed with Flint and Bushes, and Beaches have Flint scattered around them. There are 5 different gathering skills, and each one has its dedicated tool: 
    • Skinning that allows you to collect Hides and Meat from slain beasts. It requires a Skinning Knife.
    • Mining, which allows you to crush Boulders to create Stone, and mine mineral veins to gather various types of ore, oil, and other rare New World Items, like Raw Gemstones. Moreover, Mining also enables you to perform gathering on elemental nodes. From them, you can get Soulspires, Shockspires, Lifejewels, Earthcrags, and Blightcrags which are elemental crafting ingredients needed in high-level recipes. It requires a Pickaxe. 
    • Logging, which allows you to harvest various types of trees by chopping them down with a Logging Axe. Different types of wood are gathered from different trees: Ironwood comes from Ironwood Trees, Wyrdwood comes from Wyrdwood Trees, Aged Wood comes from Mature Trees, and Green Wood comes from Young Trees (Green Wood can also be gathered from Bushes without using any tools). From time to time, you can also obtain Sap, which is a Logging-specific type of rare New World Items. 
    • Harvesting, which allows you to gather Magical Creatures, Hemp, Fungi, and Farm Plants by using a Sickle on them. New World Items obtained by Harvesting find multiple applications: Cabbages, Broccoli, Barley, Carrots, and other fruits and vegetables are used as cooking ingredients; Fibers, that come from Hemp, Silkweed, and Wirefiber can be used in the production of cloths (Linen, Silk, and Wireweave); Harvested Fungi can be refined to produce various Pigments; Magical Plants are used in Alchemy to produce Motes, Wisps, and Essences. 
    • Fishing, which is used to catch fish, with a Pole, in all the waters of Aetherum (fresh - rivers, lakes, and ponds, and salt - seas surrounding the island). Fish are a source of cooking ingredients, but not only that - salvaging them can produce many different New World Items. 
  • Refined Resources, which can be obtained by refining various types of raw resources. Leveling up the refining skill unlocks the ability to refine higher-level New World Items into their refined counterparts. There are 5 different refining skills that all correspond with a specific gathering skill and require a specialized refining station: 
    • Woodworking, which can be used at a Woodshop to turn different types of Wood into Timber (Green Wood, Station Tier 1), Lumber (Aged Wood, Station Tier 2), Wyrdwood Planks (Wyrdwood, Station Tier 3), or Ironwood Planks (Ironwood, Station Tier 4). Resources refined with Woodworking can be used to make New World Items via Engineering or as a building material for Town Projects. 
    • Weaving, which can be used at a Loom to turn different types of Fiber into Linen (Fiber, Station Tier 2), Sateen (Station Tier 3), Silk (Silk Fibers, Station Tier 4), or Infused Silk (Silk, Station Tier 5). Cloth made with weaving can be used as an ingredient in various crafting recipes, including Bags and Light Armor. As a side note - if you want to profit from non-combat skills, weaving is a good choice as sheets of cloth are the main ingredient for Bags, and Bags are in high demand early on. 
    • Leatherworking, which can be used at a Tanning Station to refine different types of Hides into Coarse Leather (Rawhides, Station Tier 2), Rugged Leather (Station Tier 3), Layered Leather (3 Thick Hides + 1 Rugged Leather, Station Tier 4), or Infused Leather (3 Iron Hides + 1 Layered Leather, Station Tier 5). Leather made with Leatherworking can be used for crafting Medium Armors and other New World Items. 
    • Stonecutting, which can be performed at a Stonecutting Table to turn Stones into Stone Blocks (at Skill Level 0), Stone Bricks (at Skill Level 20), Lodestone Bricks (at Skill Level 35), or Infused Lodestone Bricks (at Skill Level 50). Stonecutting is also used to refine Raw Gemstones into Cut Gemstones (depending on your skill, you can make Flawed, Brilliant, or Pristine Cut Gemstones). All Raw Gemstones can be obtained through mining (there are 12 types - Malachite, Aquamarine, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Opal, Amethyst, Onyx, Moonstone, Diamond, and Jasper). 
    • Smelting, which can be performed at a Smelter to turn Wood into Charcoal (Station Tier 2); Iron Ore into Iron Ingots (Station Tier 2); 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Charcoal, and 1 Flux into Steel Ingots; or 6 Starmetal Ore, 2 Steel Ingots, 2 Charcoal, and 1 Flux into Starmetal Ingots. At high smelting levels, it can also be used to smelt Orichalcum, Asmodeum, and Voidbent Ingots. Precious Metals can also be refined in the Smelter (these include Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Asmodeum). On top of that, Smelting can also be used to downgrade certain New World items into their lower-tier components (for example, Steel Ingots can be turned into iron Ingots). 
  • Player-made New World Items, which all come from one of seven different crafting skills and require certain types of Refined Resources to make. Some of them can achieve very high prices on the market board and thus are extremely profitable to make, especially if you gather and refine all the needed materials yourself (if you want to maximize your profits, you should always refine what you gather and craft items out of the refined resources you got from it) The seven crafting skills of New World are: 
    • Weaponsmithing, which allows you to craft cold steel weaponry and shields. 
    • Jewelcrafting, which allows you to combine Precious Metal Ingots and Cut Gems into precious Trinkets, Jewelry, and Gems. 
    • Furnishing, which allows you to make various types of furniture, house trophies that grant passive bonuses, and storage that can be used to store large quantities of New World Items. 
    • Engineering, which is a crafting skill used for making Ammunition, Ranged Weaponry, Hatchets, and Spears. 
    • Cooking that allows you to turn raw ingredients into tasty meals, drinks, or dyes used to tint equipment. 
    • Arcana, which is a crafting skill that resembles Alchemy. With it, you can make magical weaponry, potions, and tinctures. 
    • Armoring, which can be performed to create heavy equipment at a forge or light and medium equipment at the outfitting station. 

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