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New World Power Leveling

New World, like most of the MMORPGs you've ever played, has you leveling up your character to prepare them for more and more challenging encounters that await you in the late game. The game's character experience system features a simple vertical progression, but there are a plethora of other things you can level up to make your character stronger and/or more versatile - these mainly include trade skills and weapon masteries. If you want to level up efficiently, you should take full advantage of what the game offers you in terms of activities that award experience; focusing on just one activity might sometimes be faster, but you'll miss out on things like items, skills, masteries, and even currency. In New World, almost every activity awards at least some experience points, which means that there are dozens of ways of leveling up. The most efficient of them are: 

  • Main Story Quest - As basic as it gets; you follow the game's story and gain items and levels in the process (main story quests award the most experience per quest out of all quest types available in New World). The problem is, you will eventually run into a wall as the main quest's level requirement actually increases faster than your character levels up if you focus solely on the main story. 
  • Side Quests - To eliminate the above-mentioned problem, you can mix some side quests into your Main Story Quest grinding. Doing so will ensure that you always have a main quest available and will actually speed up the leveling process, despite the fact that side quests offer less experience (this happens because the questing experience in New World is quite streamlined and side quests often take place in areas where you do your main questline, so you can complete them without going out of your way). You should accept all side quests available to you, but only complete the ones that take place near the main story quests' objectives. 
  • Farming Corrupted Portals - If you can find a solid group of 10 to 15 players, running a corrupted portals gauntlet can be a great source of experience. Corrupted Portals are physical manifestations of Corruption that spawn in territories controlled by factions. The more developed the territory's settlement, the stronger and the more frequent the manifestations. You can see the portals on your minimap - minor breaches spawn every 30 minutes and major breaches every 60 minutes. To close them, your group will have to defeat The Corrupted that guard the portal and seal it off with the Azoth Staff. 
  • Gathering, Refining, and Crafting - All in-game activities that fall under these three categories actually award experience, just not an amazing amount of it. This means that you can, potentially, reach maximum level by focusing solely on the economic aspect of New World - this is great news, especially for those of you who want to focus on "trade skills" right from the start. 
  • Town Projects - If you're looking for the most time-efficient New World Power Leveling method, this is it; Town Project Board Quests offer the highest experience/hour ratio out of all leveling activities. In the center of each Town, you will find a Project Board through which you can accept a plethora of town-specific tasks that help the settlement grow. These range from craft orders, through hunting missions, to gathering tasks - a large majority of the offered tasks are run-of-the-mill grind quests, but most of them offer a lot of experience and don't require too much time to complete. To take advantage of these tasks, simply check what Town Board Quests are currently available, in the settlement you're currently in, and pick ones that are easy to complete during your regular playing routine. Once you've completed all tasks in one settlement, fast travel to another one and repeat the whole process. To make completing these as fast as possible, you will have to invest your azoth - put all non-essential items into storage and burn your azoth to fast-travel between Towns to accept and complete tasks in the quickest way possible. Also, you can speed up the whole process by stockpiling the relevant materials in each Town - doing so will allow you to save time by not having to buy/harvest the resources each time they are required. 

Leveling your character up all by yourself can be a titanic task, especially when your online hours are rather limited because of your real-life obligations. While you may be able to find enough time for farming and leveling, skilling up all your trade skills and weapon masteries might prove to be difficult when you only have so much time to spare. Because of this, you might lose out and get outpaced by players who can afford to play for multiple hours a day, and this is not a good thing in a competitive MMO, like New World. Luckily for you, Odealo has prepared a wide variety of New World Power Leveling services that are going to enable you to catch up to even the most dedicated players. Currently, you can choose from the following services: 

  • New World Character Level Boosting - As basic as it gets; our power levelers are going to level up your character, to your desired level, quickly and efficiently. Choose this option if you want to experience the New World's end-game before the meta stagnates or simply don't like the tedious leveling process. This offer can be customized to your needs and the final price is going to depend on the number of levels purchased. 
  • New World Gathering Skills Boosting - With this New World Power Leveling service, you will be able to increase your Skinning, Mining, Logging, Harvesting, and Fishing skills from 1 to 200 in no time! This is a great investment if you want to focus on trade skills but can't really spare much time on gathering resources - by buying this service, you simply turn your character into a gathering pro (just don't forget to equip the finest tools you can afford!). 
  • New World Refining Skills Boosting - This service lets you boost Smelting, Woodworking, Weaving, Tanning, or Stonecutting from 1 to 200 with a few clicks - our power levelers will do the rest. Power Leveling your refining skills is especially important if you want to make crafting materials yourself - it will save you a lot of money in the long run. 
  • New World Crafting Skills Boosting - Crafting Skills are the trickiest to increase efficiency, but that won't stop our New World Power Leveling experts! With this amazing service, you can raise your Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Furnishing, Jewelcrafting, Arcana, Engineering, and Cooking skills from 1 to 200 in a record time. If you want to start profiting from trade skills or simply desire to craft high-end gear yourself, this service is perfect for you. 
  • New World Weapon Mastery Boosting - We all know that combat in New World is amazing, once you have all the required skills and passives unlocked - before that it can feel lacking sometimes. With this New World Power Leveling Service, you can increase the Weapon Mastery of any weapon of your choosing from 1 to 20. This is especially useful if you can't decide which build to play with - by leveling up all weapon masteries to max level, you can easily play test every build in the entire game and swap between them freely! 
  • New World Faction Tokens Farm - Faction Tokens are a faction-specific special currency, gained by performing tasks and activities related to your faction of choice. These tasks mainly include PvE and PvP quests, however, the PvP kind offers much more Faction Tokens, and thus it is much more efficient. If you need Tokens, but don't like PvP, you can opt to go for this Power Leveling Service. Doing so will allow you to get all the Faction Tokens you might ever need without engaging in player versus player activities yourself. 
  • New World Territory Standings Increase - When you defeat enemies, craft items, and complete quests in a Territory, your Reputation with that Territory increases. Once your Reputation reaches a certain threshold, your Territory Standing will increase. Each Territory Standing level offers you three different bonuses to choose from - these are pre-determined and will always show in the same triplets and on the same "steps" of progression. These bonuses are definitely worth going for, but farming all of them can take a lot of time - this is why it's a good idea to purchase this service instead; doing so will allow you to max your territory standing with the territory of your choice in a record time. 
  • New World Gold Farm - An interesting alternative to purchasing in-game currency on one of our auctions. Instead of buying coins, you hire a pro player who will farm gold with your character, by either logging on it or boosting you in a group. This also has the side effect of giving you priceless knowledge about farming in-game currency in New World. 
  • New World Power Leveling Starter Pack - An offer tailored especially for new characters. It includes every service your character might need early on - Leveling up to level 25; skilling Mining, Harvesting, Logging, and Skinning to 50; getting Tier 2 Gathering Tools and Bags; obtaining Level 25 Faction Gear; rising a weapon mastery of your choice to level 10; farming 4000 Gold Coins. 
  • A Custom Offer - Can't decide on what to choose? Or maybe you want to choose multiple options, but buying them separately feels like too much hassle? This option lets you handcraft your perfect New World Power Leveling Service and purchase it at a competitive price. 

Odealo provides the cheapest, the quickest, and the safest New World services on the internet. If you are looking to Buy New World Power Leveling service, you are in the right place. Our experienced boosters guarantee the highest quality of provided assistance. All sellers who advertise via our website were thoroughly verified, so your safety, during and after all of your transactions, is ensured. Don't hesitate, Buy New World Boosting service on Odealo and take your gameplay experience to a higher level. 

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