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Torchlight Infinite Items

We all know that action RPGs are all about the feeling of power you get when you slash through hordes of enemies and beat powerful bosses without breaking a sweat. Games give you this feeling by setting up vertical progression systems, like leveling, gradually-obtained talents, and level-restricted Torchlight Infinite Items. For the purposes of this page, we will focus on the latter. Gear progression is what separates great action RPGs from average ones. When done correctly, it gives players exactly what they need - the feeling of achievement and goals to pursue.

When you play a good action RPG for a while and immerse yourself in its community, you quickly notice that the names of certain powerful legendary items crop up in videos and on forums very often. This is because these items give you the feeling of power and are often needed to create the best builds in the game. This is also a sign that your game's gear progression and itemization systems are done correctly; The devs have given you a goal in the form of a Legendary Item powerful enough to be the topic of many forum posts and a centerpiece of top-tier builds, and now you have the urge to Buy or farm it. However, before you are able to obtain it yourself, you have to jump through some hoops: Firstly, you have to level up. Secondly, you have to work on your current Torchlight Infinite Items as the best legendaries drop from the hardest content. Thirdly, you have to create a build good enough for farming end-game bosses (Or you can simply Buy Torchlight Infinite Items on Odealo - more on that later). 

What we described above is basically the hook on which action RPG developers catch their players. It's like a ladder of increasingly more powerful drops and Legendary Items are in its center. When it's done correctly, it will keep the players playing for a long time and make them pursue long-term goals; be it farming legendary gear or opting to Buy Torchlight Infinite Items for the acquired currency. So, the questions that arise are: Is the newest Torchlight's itemization system done correctly? Does the game give its players amazingly powerful items to work towards? Does the item progression feel satisfying? Let's find out by taking a closer look at the selection of end-game Legendary Torchlight Infinite Items. 

Selected Torchlight Infinite Legendary Items

What follows is a selection of some of the most powerful, sought-after, and well-known items you can obtain in Torchlight Infinite. They are the pinnacle of the game's progression system and will give you an ultimate advantage when it comes to clearing content quickly and efficiently. Some of them offer unique and powerful effects that are otherwise unobtainable which makes them build-defining, some others are just insanely powerful stat-wise, and the select few are both (which is absolutely insane, but Torchlight Infinite is like that - this game doesn't have any breaks and it doesn't care about speed limits, so to say). What these items have in common are their very high rarity and hefty price tag, so you might want to start saving up or farming right away if you're interested in them. Or you can simply Buy Torchlight Infinite Items on Odealo. With the introduction out of the way, here are the most powerful Items in Torchlight Infinite: 

  • Tear Stains (Level 75 One-Handed Sword) - This powerful legendary sword will allow you to execute enemies that are below 10% health, which makes it extremely useful against the more healthy opponents (this effect will only work at maximum channeled stacks, so only certain builds will be able to fully utilize it). Moreover, it offers increasingly powerful bonuses to your Critical Strike Damage and Attack Damage provided you can gain stacks. If you're looking for a weapon that is almost guaranteed to cut your combat time against the most powerful opponents Torchlight Infinite has to offer by ~10%, look no further! 
  • Ungripped Regret (Level 70 One-Handed Sword) - While Tear Stains is a purely offensive weapon, Ungripped Regret is one of the most powerful defensive Torchlight Infinite Items. It will allow you to skyrocket your defensive build's damage by providing a range of powerful effects that activate after you've blocked an attack (these include greatly increased Crit Rating and Attack Speed). If you fear that your block chance isn't high enough to warrant using it, don't worry; it increases your block chance by up to +20% by itself! 
  • Fallen Snow (Level 73 One-Handed Axe) - What's better than increasing your attack speed? Giving yourself a chance to perform multiple strikes at once! This powerful Legendary Axe gives you up to a 120% chance to perform a Multistrike, which is amazing considering how the Multistrike works (with a 120% chance, you'll always attack twice and will have to 20% chance to attack for the 3rd time!). If that wasn't enough, Fallen Snow also converts your Physical Damage to Cold and scales its damage with Frostbite (and you can stack Frostbite insanely quickly because of the Multistrike property). 
  • Elemental Whirl (Level 72 Claw) - This is one of the best Torchlight Infinite Items for damage over time-based builds. It increases your chance to apply Ailments on enemies by 25% and increases your total damage by up to +8% per Ailment applied to an enemy. Moreover, it converts up to 80% of the Physical Damage of your Main-Hand weapon to Base Ailment Damage! If you like DoTs, you simply have to give this one a try! We promise that you won't be disappointed. 
  • Memory (Level 74 Dagger) - This Legendary Dagger gives you a very high chance to apply the Wilt effect on enemies (Wilt is an Ailment that causes enemies to take Erosion Damage, and doesn't have any stacking limits). If that sounds pretty basic, here's something that definitely doesn't: it also makes defeated enemies that are afflicted with Wilt explode for up to 200% of their Max Health in damage! To ensure that the Wilt effect doesn't dissipate too soon when fighting against the more powerful enemies, Memory also increases Wilt duration against legendary monsters by up to +80%. This is definitely one of the crazier Torchlight Infinite Items we've tested so far. 
  • Severed Wrist (Level 74 Pistol) - If covering your enemies in a hailstorm of deadly bullets is your thing, you'll fall in love with this legendary pistol. It not only increases your attack speed and Crit Rating but also adds +1 to +2 Projectiles and increases your Main Hand Weapon Damage by up to +50%. If that kind of an offensive boost wasn't enough, it will also speed you up by 30% on Defeat for 3 seconds. With it, you'll be very hard to catch and extremely deadly at a distance. 
  • Circular Killing (Level 79 Great Sword) - This mighty Legendary greatsword offers the kind of power everyone desires. With it, you'll be able to slice and dice your enemies like you're wielding a dagger, not a ginormous piece of steel. This is because Circular Killing gives you up to +50% Attack Speed on Multistrike and gives you a +3% chance for Multistrike per stack of Fervor (and Fervor stacks up to 100 times...). To balance things out, you won't receive Fervor Rating for defeating Elite Enemies (so, this Sword is an ultimate tool for dealing with massive waves of regular mobs). 
  • Variel's Snicker (Level 73 Giant Hammer) - If you like your Legendaries, this Giant Hammer will be a great addition to your collection. For each of your equipped Torchlight Legendary Items, it will grant you 1 Void Orb (up to 5). Each Void Orb will add 100-200 Physical Damage to your Spells, +10% Armor, and deal 50-100 Damage to you for 5s when you use Skills. When the Void Orb reaches its Cap, you will also ignore the enemy's Armor, as well as Chaos and Elemental Resistances. This is the ultimate offensive tool for aggressive builds that have ways to compensate for the self-inflicted damage. 
  • Mountain Howling (Level 68 Bow) - With this bow, keeping your distance from approaching enemies will become much easier. This is because it increases your chance to cause Knockback by a whopping 50%, increases your Knockback distance by up to +80%, and gives you up to +35% attack speed so that you can knock enemies back more often. Moreover, it increases your Attack Damage by up to +30% if there are no enemies nearby (within 6 meters of you). This will be one of the most infuriating Torchlight Infinite Weapons in PvP, mark our words. 
  • Thousand-Day's Victory (Level 66 Crossbow) - Ranged weapons are not often associated with Bleeding Damage, however, This Legendary Crossbow is different. It is one of the most powerful Bleed-based items in the entire game! With it, you'll be able to bleed your enemies out in no time. It adds up to 240% of your weapon's Physical Damage to your Base Bleed Damage and increases your chance to deal double Bleed Damage by 50%! As a result, it shreds enemies with powerful DoT effects before they even have a chance to get close to you. 
  • King Lionheart's Ambition (Level 78 Musket) - This mighty musket might as well be classified as a Flame Thrower, with the amount of Ignite Damage it deals. With it, you'll be able to scorch your enemies to dust while keeping a safe distance from them with little to no effort whatsoever! This is because of the combination of Agility Blessing (A buff that stacks up to 4 times and grants +4% Attack Speed, Cast Speed, and Movement Speed) and a very high scaling increase to Ignite Damage. 
  • Imperial general (Level 65 Cannon) - This heavy Fire Cannon will turn you into a walking artillery unit. It adds up to +2 total waves of Barrage Skills and makes Barrage Skills fire off their waves 50% faster! As a result, you can cover a very large area with deadly AoE attacks while using it. If you've always wanted to become an artilleryman, you definitely should invest in one of these. 

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