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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Market

There is no doubt that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great game, however, some might not realize just how great and successful it is. NH is the highest-rated of all Animal Crossing titles to date, which is quite an achievement in a series that has only one of its main titles (there were some spin-off titles that were not received that well) rated below 80 on one of the most popular game rating sites. In fact, it holds the second-highest rating of all games released for Nintendo Switch in 2020. Ratings all not everything, one might say, and we agree. So, what about sale numbers? - It has sold more copies than all previous installments of the game, in just 6 weeks, and is now close to 30 million copies sold (which is the second-highest of all Switch titles, ever - just behind the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but AH is closing on it rapidly). Animal Crossing: New Horizons Market thrives with people, with hundreds of thousands of unique players logging in daily for the sense of escapism (it is so relaxing and immersive that people forget about their problems while playing and are able to sink tens of hours into it, without even realizing) that it offers. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Features

What makes AC: NH so successful then? Some might say that it is the general situation, the world has found itself in, in the year 2020. We, at Odealo, think that it's much more to it - the game's high level of polish, a high emphasis on the social aspect with an online co-op mode that makes trading and setting up a private Animal Crossing Market possible, and a range of well-implemented gameplay features all have a part in New Horizons' success. Unlike some other sequels that try to lure players to well-established franchises with minimal effort and almost zero developments (we will not point our fingers, but a certain football title comes to mind as an example), Animal Crossing: NH has not only improved upon the well-known-and-loved features known from the previous iterations but has also implemented a range of new ones that make the gameplay even more fun and relaxing.

Here are the best features the game has to offer: 

  • Multiplayer modes - In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can play with up to 7 other players via online network play or local network play. To be able to interact with other players in the online mode, you need the Nintendo Switch Online Membership (a subscription that is well worth its cost), and make sure that the parental control options enable online interaction (if you have them turned on at all, that is). The game also offers a single-console co-op play that allows up to eight players to reside on a single island, however, only 4 can play at the same time. Moreover, multiple users can create residents, on the same island, via the same Switch console. Then, when one of them is online, he/she can invite the others to play through the Call Islander app on the NookPhone; doing this enables the "Party Mode" that synchronizes multiple controllers and allows players to play together. The limitations with this feature are: Camera is always focussed on the "party leader", and only the leader can interact with features like Inventory, Villagers, and DIV workbenches. Luckily, the leadership can be easily passed to other players which somewhat circumvents the drawbacks. Thanks to the multiplayer modes, the social aspect of the game thrives, and player interactions, like trading through the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Market, are possible. 
  • The NookPhone - One of the features introduced in New Horizons; It is essentially an in-game smartphone, obtained by all players, at the start of their journey, from Tom Nook's initial "Deserted Island Getaway Package". NookPhone can be customized with special phone case kits - both pre-made designs and players' own creations are available. It can be accessed by pressing the ZL button on the controller and offers a range of interesting and useful apps: 
  • Best Friends List - This app shows a list of the player's friends on the Nintendo Switch and allows him to communicate with them. 
  • Camera - With this app, players can take photos of themselves (their in-game characters, that is) by clicking the + button. Photos made with this app are saved in the Nintendo Switch System Album. Taking the first picture of themselves earns the player 100 Nook Miles. Thanks to this app, players can immortalize their most fun in-game moments. 
  • Call Resident - Thanks to this app, players, who live on the same island, can invite each other to play together in the "Party Mode". Call Resident allows multiple users of the same console to enjoy the game together and turns Animal Crossing: New Horizons into a party game. 
  • Chat Log - A communication app that allows players to chat with their friends in-game. 
  • Custom Designs - This app views the list of all custom designs the player has made. It can be upgraded by purchasing a special kit from the Nook Shop for 800 Nook Miles - the upgraded Custom Designs app also includes Pro Designs. 
  • Critterpedia - An encyclopedia of all bugs and fish the player has ever caught. It is not available from the start but rather unlocked by handing 1 caught fish/bug to Tom Nook to study. Fish and Bugs that the player donated to the museum will be marked with an owl icon in the app. 
  • DIY Recipes - Shows the list of all unlocked DIY recipes. It is unlocked by attending to Tom Nook's lesson on DIY crafting or by using the DIY Workbench for the first time. 
  • Island Designer - With this app, the player can make paths that lead to different points of interest on their island; each separate path costs 2000 Nook Miles to make. Through this app, it is also possible to buy waterscaping and cliff-construction permits for 6k Nook Miles each. 
  • Map - Shows the player island's map. The map is updated in real-time and will feature the player's house and all other players' and residents' houses. 
  • Nook Miles - A list of achievements that can be completed to earn certain amounts of Nook Miles. 
  • Passport - Here, players can change their passport photo and title or add additional comments to their profiles. 
  • Rescue Service - With this app, players can call for a rescue in case of an emergency. Each rescue service costs 100 Nook Miles. 
  • Crafting - One of the features introduced in New Horizons; Thanks to this feature, players are able to create various consumables, tools, and furniture on DIY
  • Workbenches by using raw materials obtained during their adventures. Thanks to Crafting, multiple new options to make money on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Market have emerged; for example, crafting "hot" items and selling them will award players with extra Bells. At the start, players only have access to Tom Nook's workbench, but eventually, they will unlock crafting recipes for their own DIY workbenches and will be able to place them in their house. New recipes can be learned from residents (by talking to them when they are crafting), bought at the Nook's Cranny or in the Resident Services tent, or found in a message in a bottle (one bottle with a single DIY recipe will wash up on the player island's shore every day). 
  • Town Customization - Introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons; Unlike in previous iterations of the game, in NH players are able to place furniture both outdoors and indoors, choose the locations of their residents' houses, place their own house freely (previously, it was placed in a pre-determined location), and choose the location of all the buildings (except Resident Services). They are also able to freely relocate already-built structures and construct ramps and bridges. Moreover, players are now able to terraform their islands by changing river paths and cliffs. To connect buildings with each other, players can now create paths (previously, only pre-built path designs were available). Thanks to these expanded customization features, players can make their little town feel truly unique; for example, they can build their village around a central Animal Crossing Market on which their residents would gather to socialize with each other. 
  • Mystery Tours - Introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons; This feature allows the player to embark on "Mystery Tours" (duh) to visit uncharted islands from their Island's own airport. These tours are an excellent way of finding and gathering crafting materials, expanding the fish and bugs collections, collecting non-native fruits or hybrid flowers, and even meeting potential new Residents. To go on a Mystery Tour, the player has to purchase a Nook Miles Ticket for 2000 Nook Miles at the Residential Services (this price makes farming for new Residents quite expensive, especially if you are looking for a particular one - a Nook Miles Ticket is used up each time the player embarks on the tour), visit the airport, talk to Orville, and select the option "visit other places". The island the player will end up on is chosen randomly - the most common islands have about a 10% chance to be chosen while the rarest have only ~0.3% to ~1% chance. 


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