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⭐️[No Need Login] Officially 30 Regal Aya + 2400 Platinum / 100% Safe⭐️

⭐️[No Need Login] Officially 30 Regal Aya + 2400 Platinum / 100% Safe⭐️


  • 20 mins.
  • in 10 days
Unit = 10,000,000 UEC
Units 1 - 3423
Base price 9.99
Values may differ between servers, modes or platforms.

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Star Citizen - aUEC - min=2 ChicksGold

Star Citizen - aUEC - min=2 ChicksGold


  • 5 hours
  • in 6 hours
Unit = 10,000,000 UEC
Units 1 - 1003
Base price 10.00
Values may differ between servers, modes or platforms.

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Star Citizen UEC

The UEC stands for "United Earth Credits" in Star Citizen. It is the primary in-game currency used by players for various transactions and activities within the persistent universe of Star Citizen. It will quickly become your motivator and goal to earn as much UEC as possible, as it makes the gameplay infinitely better and more rewarding. 

The vital functions of UEC include:

  1. In-game Currency: UEC is a form of virtual currency that players can earn, spend, and accumulate while playing Star Citizen. It is distinct from "UEC" (United Earth Credits), which is the planned in-game currency for the final version of the game, intended for use in the persistent universe after the game's official launch.

  2. Earning UEC: Players can earn UEC by engaging in various activities such as completing missions, trading goods, mining valuable resources, salvaging wrecks, and more. Each activity provides different levels of rewards, allowing players to choose their preferred playstyle to accumulate wealth.

  3. Spending UEC: With UEC, players can purchase new ships, equipment, weapons, armor, components, and other in-game items from in-game stores and shops. Additionally, players can rent ships and equipment using UEC to try them out before committing to a permanent purchase.

The best ways to earn UEC in Star Citizen can vary depending on your playstyle and preferences. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, and the most effective methods for earning UEC might change with updates and balancing changes. However, here are some common and potentially lucrative activities for earning UEC:

  1. Mission Completion: Taking on missions from various mission givers throughout the universe can be a reliable source of UEC. Missions may involve deliveries, combat, exploration, or other tasks. Choose missions that align with your skills and equipment to maximize efficiency.

  2. Trading and Cargo Hauling: Buying low and selling high is a classic trading strategy. You can buy commodities at one location and transport them to another system where the prices are higher. Keep an eye on the economy and trade routes to find profitable opportunities.

  3. Mining: Mining valuable resources can be a profitable venture. Equip a mining ship and head to resource-rich areas to extract and sell valuable minerals. Mining can require some investment upfront but can lead to substantial profits.

  4. Bounty Hunting: Engaging in combat against wanted NPCs or players with high bounties on their heads can earn you UEC. Be prepared with a capable combat ship and weaponry.

  5. Salvaging and Repairing: Salvaging wrecked ships and recovering valuable components can be a lucrative endeavor. Similarly, repairing damaged ships for other players can earn you UEC.

  6. Service Beacons: Players can create service beacons to request assistance with various tasks, such as transportation, combat support, or refueling. Responding to these beacons can earn you UEC.

  7. Renting Out Ships: If you own multiple ships, you can rent them out to other players for a fee. This can provide you with a steady income stream.

  8. Participating in Events and Missions: Keep an eye on special in-game events, as they often offer unique missions and rewards that can be lucrative.

  9. Independent sources: you can always buy UEC from other players using real money. If grinding for hours to progress just a little bit is not your cup of tea, you can get in touch with many trusted sellers via the Odealo service. It's the best way to enjoy the game, as you can freely embark on many of its aspects without being constantly limited by a lack of funds. Our platform ensures the utmost security for all transactions.

The UEC plays a vital role in shaping the player's experience, providing opportunities for progression, exploration, and immersion in the expansive universe of Star Citizen. It is an essential resource to have because it serves as the primary in-game currency that facilitates various aspects of the player's experience within the virtual universe. The main outlets of your hard-earned currency are:

  1. Purchasing Ships and Equipment: One of the central elements of Star Citizen is the ownership and operation of spaceships. With UEC, players can buy a wide range of spacecraft, from small personal ships to large, powerful vessels. Additionally, UEC is used to purchase ship components, weapons, armor, and other equipment, allowing players to customize and upgrade their ships and characters.

  2. Trading and Economy: UEC enables players to participate in the dynamic economy of Star Citizen. They can buy and sell commodities, engage in trading routes, and invest in goods to make a profit. Managing finances and wisely investing UEC can lead to financial success in the game.

  3. Character Customization: Using UEC, players can acquire various clothing, armor, and personal flair items to customize their characters' appearance and make them stand out in the vast universe.

  4. Services and Repairs: In-game services such as refueling, repairing damaged ships, and hiring NPCs require UEC as payment. Properly managing finances is crucial to maintaining a functional and efficient fleet.

  5. Mission Expenses: While undertaking missions and quests, players may need to spend UEC on various expenses like bribes, fees, or costs associated with mission objectives.

  6. Mining and Resource Gathering: As players venture into the mining profession to extract valuable resources, they need to invest in mining equipment and utilize UEC to cover operational costs.

  7. Selling to other players: if you have too much UEC than you will ever need, you should consider selling it to fellow players. On the Odealo Buy and Sell Star Citizen UEC or other in-game currencies for real cash. Our secure payment methods ensure that you receive your money swiftly and without any worries.


Why Buy Star Citizen UEC for real money?

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