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Temtem Items

As a self-respecting MMORPG should, Temtem features a wide variety of items that have very many item-specific applications (ranging from simple healing to advanced stuff, like technique-learning). Temtem Items are divided into six basic categories (Keys, Courses, Gear, Medicines, Capture, and General Items). 

Keys - Contrary to their name, these items do not just open doors, but instead, allow access to whole new areas, enable players to traverse through otherwise impossible terrain or even fully restore squads' health points. Temtem Items of this type include Rock-Hopping Hook - A grappling hook that allows you to leap over empty spaces, thus giving you access to new areas; Reward from "Shipwrecked in Tucma!". Tamepedia - Temtem digital encyclopedia that stores data about all caught and seen Temtems; The Tamepedia is given to every player at the start of their adventure, and other Temtem Items, like Egg Timer and Surfboard. 

Courses - Special training items that can be used on Temtems to teach them new techniques. Thanks to these, your Temtem can become much more powerful in combat. Items of this type are not consumed upon use and can teach your Temtem the following techniques (please note that some techniques are type-restricted): Neutral - Major Slash, Wake Up, Confiscate, Awful Song, Rend, Relax, Cage, and Held Anger. Melee - Footwork, Madness Buff, and Block. Toxic - Antitoxins, and  Noxious Bomb. Fire - Magma Cannon. Water - Misogi, Tsunami. Wind - Turbo Choreography. Earth - Stone Wall,  and more. 

Gear - Temtem Items of this category are equippable and can be used to improve your Temtem in some way. With a notable exception of DNA Strands, Gear is not consumed when equipped. Most of the items that fall into this category cannot be traded. Gear is divided into two main categories:

  • Regular Gear Pieces - Items that provide your Temtems with various bonuses. For example, Hand Fan provides a 10 % bonus to damage dealt with Wind Techniques, and Energy Dring protects your Temteem from the "Asleep" status condition. Regular Gear Pieces are usually re-usable. 
  • Temtem DNA Strands - Used during Temtem breeding to ensure that the egg inherits the desired traits after its parents. Items of this type are very valuable as they ensure that your freshly bred Temtems have the best possible stats. Specific Temtem DNA Strands can be used to ensure that an Egg inherits parent's Def and SPDEF, ATK and SPATK, HP and STA, SPDEF, DEF, STA, SPATK, ATK, SPEED, or HP. DNA Strands can be generally bought from the Breeding Center. 

Medicine - Special items that can be used both outside and during combat to fight certain negative Status Conditions of Temtem (like "Asleep", for example), restore Temtem HP, replenish Temtem Stamina, increase/decrease stats of a Temtem, or even revive your downed companions. Temtem Items of this type are consumed upon use. Most note-worthy medicines include the "Full Restore" potion that replenished STA and HP and heals all status conditions and the "Growth Enhancer" that increases Temtem's level by 1. Special Items called Telomere Hacks also fall into this category; These can be used for increasing Temtem's stats (for example, Telomere Hack - ATK increases Temtem's ATK value by 1). Temtem Hacks are among the most valuable items in the game as they allow you to increase pretty much all of your Temtem's statistics. 

Capture - Bread and Butter of all Temtem tamers. These special Items are used for taming wild Temtems. They can only be used during combat with Wild Temtems, and disappear after use, no matter the capture attempt's result. The two main items in this category are: 

  • TemCard - a basic item used for capturing and transporting Temtem. 6 of these are given to the player at the start of their journey and can be bought at Temporiums for 15 Pansuns each. This is, by far, the most-used item in the game, as catching a new Temtem often requires multiple attempts and each attempt consumes one TemCard. 
  • TemCard+ - an enhanced version of the TemCard. It has an increased successful Temtem capture rate but is much more expensive. TemCard+ can be bought in Temporiums located in Nanga, Mokupuni, and The Hangroad, and is over 5 times more expensive than the regular one. TemCard+ is a tool of choice when it comes to taming rare and powerful Temtems that have very little chance of being caught by regular TemCards. 

General - A wide category of Temtem Items, comprised of stuff that does not fit any other category. General Items can't be used in combat and don't fit any of the above-mentioned categories. Some Items from this category have no use and serve as vendor trash, while others affect the way in which a player can interact with the in-game world. Vendor trash items include Silicon Shards, Silicon Fragments, Sea Salt, Huge Crystals, Average Crystals, Tiny Crystals, and more. Some of the more interesting General Items are the Smoke Bomb that allows the player to teleport to the last visited Temporium and the Scent that reduces the chance of a random Temtem encounter for 100 meters (great if you want to traverse an area quickly without fighting wild Temtems). 

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