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WoW Classic Items

On Odealo, you can Buy all the WoW Classic Items you might ever need, from Clothes, Leathers, Bars, Ores, Herbs, through Consumables, to more exotic things, like Magic Dust. With our site, you will be able to Buy all the materials needed for your professions, which means that grinding Rugged Leather, Black Lotus, Runecloth, or Thorium Bars will be a thing of the past. With our help, you will develop your professions in no time, and add Recipes, like Enchant Weapon: Crusader, or Recipe: Elixir of Mongoose to your collection. If you are starting from scratch, we can offer you a lot of low-level materials. We have all Light Leather, Heavy Leather, Wool Cloth, Bronze Bars, and Goldthorns you might need for the first few levels of your Profession.  If you are looking for Powerful Consumables, like Elixir of Greater Agility, Rumsey Rum Black Label, Elemental Sharpening Stone, Greater Fire Protection Potion, Greater Frost Protection Potion, Greater Shadow Protection Potion, Thorium Grenades, or Free Action Potions, look no further, we have plenty of all of them in our stocks. Thanks to our site, getting all kinds of Items becomes quick and easy. Odealo provides The Safest Wow Classic Item Auctions available. We guarantee the absolute safety of our customers and our verification systems are The Best on the market. This means that you will not find a better spot to place your orders regardless of their size. Our stocks are unlimited, which means that you can Buy all the Clothes, Bars, Leathers, Herbs, Consumables, or Materials you need instantly. With our help, your in-game experience will become truly epic, and your professions maxed out.


What are WoW Classic Items

In Roleplaying Games, Item is described as something that can be carried in some way by Player Character. PC's carry items as parts of their gear (these are displayed on the Player as equipment, clothing, and all kinds of weaponry), in their bags (items present in player's inventory are usually represented by an appropriate icon and a number that indicates how many said items player possesses), or in a coin purse (as you have probably noticed, coins are not carried in bags but are rather displayed as a number on the bottom right of player's main Backpack; coins are visible as an inventory icon only in inventories of slain enemies - when looted they are automatically added up to player's gold count and the "icon" is not transferred to player's inventory). Most of the WoW Classic Items, that player carries, are conceptional. This means that they are not represented in the game world, outside of the player's inventory, as objects (you can't drop or place them, you can just destroy them - there are some exceptions, however). The only way of displaying a WoW Classic Item is equipping it on your character (not every equipable item is displayed on Player Character, however). There are very many ways of obtaining WoW Classic Items and methods vary greatly, depending on the item's value and rarity. Some of them can be bought from vendors or easily dropped from trash mobs, while others have to be crafted, gathered or obtained from powerful Raid Bosses. However, if you don't have enough time to farm your desired assets and want to Buy WoW Classic Items instead, purchasing them on Odealo is, by far, the easiest, the quickest, and the safest way. We can offer you items of all qualities and applications, so you will definitely find something that interests you in particular.


WoW Classic Item Qualities explained

In Classic, items quality is indicated by the item's text color. As a general rule, items of higher qualities are better, more valuable, or have other interesting properties, however, the classification is relative and serves just as a raw indicator of the item's value and rarity. Quality of WoW Classic Items is indicated by the following color codes:

  • Grey (Poor) - Commonly dropped from mobs and chests, these items are of low value, don't provide any bonuses and are, most of the time, sold to vendors because of that. WoW Classic Items of this quality are never sold by NPC's, can not be disenchanted, and do not bind to the Player Character when used. They are used, pretty much, only by very low (below level 10) players who happen to drop them during their first adventures.
  • White (Common) - Items used for quests, professions, and as reagents or consumables very often fall into this category. Most of the Bags and other containers available in the game are also of this quality. Gear of common quality can often be crafted via professions or obtained through low-level quests, and it cannot be disenchanted. If you are looking to Buy WoW Classic Items of Common quality, you can simply browse what NPC Vendors have to offer - they usually have unlimited stocks of white WoW Items For Sale.
  • Green (Uncommon) - These Items are commonly rewarded for completing medium-to-high level solo or dungeon quests, and can also be dropped randomly from mobs with a 1-10% chance. Uncommons awarded for completing quests and dropped from dungeon Bosses are usually Bind on Pickup which means that they can't be sold to other players, but ones that drop randomly in the world or are crafted through professions are Bind on Equip, which means that they can be traded without restrictions when they are brand new (never equipped). Gear of the Uncommon quality increases the player's stats and can be disenchanted.
  • Blue (Rare) - Much rarer (hence their name) than Uncommons, these items drop from high-level dungeon bosses, can very rarely be dropped out in the world, and can also be crafted by an artisan who has an appropriate high-level crafting recipe. Bind on Equip Rares are usually very expensive as they provide much more stats than their green counterparts do. They can also be disenchanted to obtain blue Enchanting ingredients. Finding Cheap WoW Classic Items of Rare quality on the auction house is almost impossible because every player that knows their value will snatch them immediately to make some money by reselling them.
  • Purple (Epic) - These provide the best bonuses for their required level and are among the rarest, most sought after, and the most expensive WoW Classic Items out there. Many of WoW Classic's Epics are almost as famous as the game itself and every player knows them, which boosts their value even more. Epic Items can be dropped from Raid bosses (these are, without few exceptions, Bind on Pickup), but there are also some well-known World Drops, like Warden Staff, or Alcor's Sunrazor. Epic Gear can be disenchanted to obtain ingredients needed for the most powerful enchants. If you see Cheap WoW Classic Items of Epic quality on the Auction House, it's your lucky day - don't hesitate and snatch them immediately.
  • Orange (Legendary) - Truly exceptional and rarest Items in the game. Obtaining one of these is associated with a lot of luck, dedication, time and money investments, and often help of the whole player's guild. The WoW Classic Items, like Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker or Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros speak for themselves and don't have to be introduced because every player knows them (and, most likely, dreams about obtaining them).


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