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Itemization in ArcheAge Unchained

AAU takes the proven item quality system present in most successful MMORPGs and takes it to the next level. ArcheAge Unchained Items come in twelve different qualities, each with different properties. This introduces a completely new plane to the gear race; players can upgrade their gear to make it better than the equipment of their competitors. On top of that, Archeage Unchained Items offer special attributes and bonuses, closely related to their type. All of this creates a solid playing field for players who like Item optimization and the thrill of discovering a new meta build. On the other hand, the system is robust and well-thought, so casual players should not feel overwhelmed by it at any point.

The "no pay-to-win" policy of ArcheAge Unchained

Unlike the original game, ArcheAge Unchained does not offer players the option to purchase game-affecting Items from the in-game store. This "no pay-to-win" policy is what appealed to hundreds of thousands of players who currently enjoy this new iteration of one of the most successful MMO Sandpark titles to date. When we add in the fact that developers disabled the option to trade premium ArcheAge Unchained Items, we get one of the most hard-work-promoting and no pay-to-win systems present in MMOs. There is no way of speeding up one's Item progression via the game client, which leaves players, that can't spend multiple hours a day online, at a considerable disadvantage. Under normal circumstances, these players would not be able to catch up to gamers that play the game full time. Luckily for them, they can Buy ArcheAge Unchained Items from an outside source, like Odealo. That way, they are able to enjoy the game on par with the most dedicated, hardcore gamers out there.

Odealo is one of the safest-to-use trade hubs for ArcheAge Unchained Items and the best alternative to the official AA Unchained market. If you are looking for a place where you can safely Sell, Buy, or Trade AA Unchained Items, you have come to the right place. We offer complete buyer and seller protection, registration and posting tools available on our site come free of charge, and our fees are lowest in the business. Don't hesitate, join one of the most rapidly growing and dynamic MMO communities in the industry, by signing up, today!

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